Memorial Day Celebration Trends

Many people are ready to celebrate in a BIG way, and Memorial Day celebrations will be the unofficial kick-off to a social summer. Memorial Day broke records in 2020- in 2019, sales barely surpassed $2B spend but they reached $3.5B last year (63% increase). People were purchasing staycation supplies, food for BBQs, and, of course, adult beverages! Here are a few fun, colorful (and careful) Memorial Day celebration trends.

The use of bright, bold colors is trending for 2021 parties, especially Pantone’s color of the year Illuminating and dramatic geometric patterns. Because gatherings tend to be smaller these days, you can spend a little more on extras that contribute to the theme.


Group utensils in individually wrapped bundles to make it easy and safe. There are compostable, disposable utensils on the market, and you can wrap them with brightly colored napkins- I found some upscale ones from Hudsonest I saw in O magazine last fall that make it easy to add some color. This is a splurge, but one that adds a lot of color to the party.

Tip- EVERY time I host a party, I replace my traditional hand towel with guest towels. suggests “using a disposable towel (paper towel) is best to avoid leaving germs on towels,” and guests can use the towels to open/close doorknobs.

Flowers can be SO expensive, so use greenery to decorate instead on top of your colorful decor items. Put them in mismatched, brightly colored vases (I spray-painted old ones I found at a thrift shop). Also, take a bouquet and separate it into smaller vases or glasses, adding leaves (like hostas) for fill. This is one of the Memorial Day celebration trends that can absolutely give you a big bang for your buck!

Food and Beverages

Low ABV Beer

Pitchers are no longer de rigueur, the trend is individually bottled beverages. I found these brightly colored fruity beers from Shofferhoffer in Passion Fruit, Grapefruit, and Pomegranate! Place them in a footed, elevated container on a bar cart away from the food (since people tend to gather around the bar). Also, people are ready to break out of their social quarantine, and….well, let’s just say it is going to be a wild, crazy summer.  Memorial Day celebration trends call for serving beverages with a low ABV like this to help guests not go overboard!

Tip- serving lower-alcohol beverages and making water easily accessible instead of only having high-octane craft brews or cocktails helps people not go overboard during their first foray into the social scene!

Fruit Cones

Many of us are tired of takeout, no longer fond of fast food. Our bodies are craving healthier options, like fresh fruit and veggies. One of my favorite healthy finger foods is a waffle cone filled with fruit. If it is a particularly hot day, you can freeze mixed fruit like strawberries, grapes, blueberries, and pineapple on a cookie sheet in the freezer and add to purchased waffle cones. Add a little whipped cream and sprinkle with granola or multi-colored sprinkles to create a fruit parfait!

Veggie Spring Rolls

Having a massive veggie tray baking in the sun isn’t ideal, and little hands often sift through, touching everything. One way to create individual bundles of veggies for guests to enjoy is to chop them julienne-style and wrap in a spring roll wrapper. You can add individual dipping sauces in condiment cups, like a Thai peanut and Chile.

Boozy Dessert

DIY Freezer pops have been trending for a couple of years, and boozy popsicles are back in a big way this summer! You can purchase colorful, re-usable silicone popsicle molds that offer a summer full of fun. You should aim for about 5-10% volume of alcohol in your mixture to ensure that they will freeze. I whipped up a batch of jalapeño margarita popsicles using the jalapeño limeade from Trader Joe’s. These can all be stored in a cooler or picnic basket with a lid.


NOW is the time to show off your COVID-DIY skills! Brightly-colored manicures are on-trend, and why not match your nails to your party theme or outfit? You can paint them a bold, bright color one color for each nail. My favorite brand I discovered during stay-at-home orders is Olive & June, because they have this thing called the Poppy to make painting nails yourself easier. Memorial Day celebration trends call for COLOR in a major way, and this is an easy and inexpensive way to incorporate that!

Tip: Use code Cheryl20 for 20% off a manicure or pedicure system for first-time customers at Olive & June!

Trends for fashion are moving towards bright, bold blocks of color as well, and caftans can cover any leftover COVID weight that all of us put on 😉 This particular caftan is one I found on Amazon for $26! I also started a monthly plan with Rent the Runway, partially because my style and size have changed since the last time I purchased warm-weather clothes. I love all of the new trends- cutout dresses and lemon yellow color palettes- but I know that next year they might not be something I will wear. Grab a massive discount when you sign up for an 8 or 16 piece monthly Rent the Runway plan by using my friend Bombay Taxi Boutique’s code:  RTRFAM511C780

Cheers to a colorful and careful #HotVaxSummer!