Maternity Fashion- An Oxymoron

In honor of the recent Oscars, I thought I would put together my own little Best and Worst Dressed list for pregnant women, and where to get affordable copies of the Best. My theory is that maternity fashion is still stuck in the era where you were required to hide at work, particularly during the last three months of your bumpy journey into motherhood.

A Formal Affair…


Making the most of what The Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy so kindly refers to as a visit from the “titty fairy,” Angelina donned this beautiful flowing Max Azria dress during the 2008 Cannes Film Festival.

I snagged a Max Studio dress at TJ Maxx for around $30 last year, and found it works perfectly at 7 months pregnant. Although I don’t have access to the Bulgari jewels that Angie does, I frequently get complimented on my selection of Forever 21 fakes!


Max Studio Long Dress $128
Forever 21 Filigree Hinged Cuff $4.80


Where do we start?! Mimi…really…a bump bow? Did you give your bridesmaids a butt bow as well when you got married? Err…if you would have had bridesmaids I mean. Is she trying to coordinate her bow with Nick’s bow tie? I guess the only good thing I have to say about this is that she is dressing for her age, which is not always the case.

Tea Time….


There seem to be a lot less social functions that appeal to pregnant women, but baby showers (whether they are yours or for the 50 friends who seem to also be pregnant) abound. Christina Applegate has it together- form-fitted silhouette, appropriate hemline, solid color.  If someone is kind enough to throw you a baby shower, the least you can do is step up the style a notch! To see Christina’s not-so-refined-side, view her You Tube video of Pregnant Pole Dancing. Priceless!




Gap Pleat Sleeve Dress $69.50

Keeping in line with the tailored look from above, this dress from the Gap got high reviews and is something I would wear while NOT pregnant (that is the goal, right? To maintain your personal style while not looking like a circus tent). I would nix the 4″ high stilettos, though…not worth the trip and fall. Kitten heels work just as well with a knee length dress.


Oh Amy Adams... the plaid bed sheet you rolled out in just doesn’t do you justice. She needs to put some definition between the top half and lower half with some type of belt or color blocking…otherwise it just looks like your boobs melt into your bump. 



  1. December 31, 2014 / 1:24 am

    There are some maternity styles that are so flattering, I wonder if sometimes the women who wore them look back and long for the look they had in them. Some are really beautiful and show off the curves you have then to their fullest. I think women really can look great at every stage of pregnancy.

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