Marvel Universe-Inspired Style

This week in Chicago Marvel Universe Live! Age of Heroes comes to dazzle our families with their stellar moves and dramatic entrances.

My kiddos love the stunts, light shows, and big booms….me? I adore the costumes and style. Yes, you heard me, Marvel Universe-inspired style is a real thing because donning bad ass accessories and color combos are pretty empowering, right?

Metal Cuffs

Most super heroes have metal wrist cuffs, have you ever noticed that? After a long search for something that didn’t look like it came from a costume closet, I discovered affordable classic bronze cuffs from Bombay Taxi Boutique. Of course, I bought two so I can wear one on each wrist à la Loki (or the more commonly referred to look of Wonder Woman).

If you aren’t ready for full-on cuffs, the brass Lara Ring is an uber affordable option for only $15!

Cape Dress

Thor has a cape, why can’t I? This gorgeous white cape dress is from OMONI BOUTIQUE, and the label is Cupcakes and Cashmere. A cape hides any not-so-toned parts of your arm and covers your shoulders during the chilly months. I am planning on purchasing one in black AND red because I love the movement this style brings!


From Loki to Iron Man, metallic accents and pieces are all the rage. I adore anything metallic, and have some spectacular pieces in my closet that beg to be shown off. In my mind, metallic sneakers are a must. Wear them with ANYTHING- evening gown, jeans, joggers, mini skirts. There are so many options available at every price point.

Black Monochrome

Black Widow just rocks. I mean, it takes some guts to wear that one piece form-fitting black suit of hers. She is pretty much my idol, and it is obvious we are meant to be besties because I wore only black for the majority of the naughts. I still pull out a black monochrome outfit when I am stumped as to an outfit- black always matches, it is slimming, and doesn’t show stains. WIN freaking WIN, right? For fall/winter, a black tunic and faux leather leggings are my momiform. My favorite leggings are the Spanx faux leather ones– the Moto version has enough detail to make them intriguing, but still comfy as heck.

Yes, they are pricey but if you take care of them (turn inside out, wash on cold) they will last a lot longer than the ten other stretchy cotton ones you own that lose shape in a hot second. I have this Lush roll tab tunic that covers all the necessary areas and pop a tank underneath. Grab black moto boots or all black sneakers and you are SET.

I can’t WAIT to take my kiddos to Marvel this week- last year, my husband took my son solo and I heard about it for months after. My turn!

Disclosure: I was provided with complimentary tickets to Marvel Universe LIVE! for review purposes but all opinions are honest and my own as always. This post may contain affiliate links, which means I might make a small commision if you purchase through my site. It doesn’t, however, affect your purchase price.