Losing Your Mind? Don’t Lose Your Stuff, Too.

If you are like me, you have lost about 50 sippy cups, 20 hats, a few dozen pair of sunglasses and countless toys already this summer. I took a trip a couple of months ago and decided to pack every cool toy that my son owned. I came back with zero of those cool toys because other kids thought they were so cool that they snagged them (hooligans…yeah, I sound old). The next trip I took I got smart and used a new product that I was able to test and hit a home run.
Thanks to the crew at kidecals, my son is coming home from our 4th of July trip with each and every single item he came with. Kidecals are crazy durable personalized name labels that you can put on virtually everything, from fabric to plastic, glass to metal. They are waterproof, washing machine, dryer and even dishwasher safe. Believe me, I put these to the test both with my toddler dragging them through the mud and tossing them in a HE washing machine, and they came out just like new.

B’s hat with kidecal inside

Cost for personalized labels: about $28 for a Mega set of 72, $21 for a Everyday or Mini set. Want 15% off? Subscribe to the mailing list! Shipping is also free no matter how many you buy. Check ’em out: kidecals.com

Mega set, 1 of 2 sheets

Also: ALLERGY ALERTS! You can even customize them with your kid’s names and stick them on their lunchboxes, clothes, whatever you want:

Allergy alerts

Now why am I telling you about these? Well, I am always on the lookout for unique gifts AND ways to make life easier. Best part? You get to customize the decals with any info you like- name, phone number, etc…  I am also thinking of creating a set of my own- such cute designs, and I ADORE the chalkboard ones for jars! They have dozens of designs to choose from; of course I chose baseball for my little guy:

Road trip! Kidecal on his sippy cup
Diaper bag with kidecal

What stuff would YOU put these on?

Disclaimer: I was provided with a set of kidecals for review purposes. All opinions are my own and I was not compensated for my review.