Little Beans Evanston: NOW OPEN!

It is no secret that I am a fan of Little Beans, the play café in downtown Chicago. It has enough activities to keep both of my kids entertained for hours, and superb food and coffee drinks to keep me happy. I was actually able to conduct a meeting with a colleague last week while Charlotte played, and fed her a ham and cheese roll up lunch with yogurt and organic milk (so many places that are “kid friendly” only offer soda…what?!).

That is why, when I heard Little Beans was opening up a café about ten minutes from my house in Evanston, you can image how thrilled I was! I had the privilege of attending a pre-launch party and was able to see all that this spectacular space has to offer. Brace yourselves- it is amazing. Charlotte definitely agrees.

Little Beans Play Area: 0-6

The “Little Beans” area is intended for kids age 0-6, and is massive enough to keep their attention for hours. The features include:

Crawler areagated area just for crawlers, includes baby-friendly toys to keep the little ones contained and safe
Train tablewhy does my son love to play with train tables at other places, and leaves the one at home to collect dust?
Lunch seating areatables and chairs are inside the play area so you can eat your lunch while the kids play (image that…actually eating your lunch…a girl can dream!)
Infant rooma separate room with an exer-saucer thingy, floor seats, rockers and a floor activity gym
Dress Upracks of dress up clothing including princess dresses and fireman outfits
Camperthis is like the Land of Nod camper, but bigger and totally awesome, includes cute camping accessories
Tree housecomplete with mini climbing wall, slide, tunnels, etc…
Various “businesses”such as an Pet Clinic, all set up in a Main Street-type setting

Big Beans Play Area: 5-12

This is a full-blown activity center and includes everything your school aged kiddo could want. Make sure to check their website for hours on specific activities!

Half-Court Gym– basketball, floor hockey, you name it!
Karaoke Room– yes, there is a fully functional karaoke room with the Frozen soundtrack on repeat (other songs are available, it just seems this is all kids want to belt out)
American Ninja Warrior Course– seriously, they have this, and the kids were literally bouncing off the walls; includes a zip line, ring course, rope net, inclines, balance beams and more
Art Room
Party Rooms


Yep, you can shop while your kids play…is that music to anyone else’s ears? Their cute shop features Melissa and Doug toys, a Psychobaby pop-up shop and more!


If their Evanston café is anything like the Chicago one, I’m sold. They will be serving Intelligensia specialty coffee drinks, cold drinks and snacks until the 17th, when their full service cafe food menu AND drive-thru will be open (if you live in Wilmette, you will be dazzled by an actual drive-thru).

Pricing and Hours

Daily Pass: $12
Siblings: $10
Additional Siblings: $8
5-Visit Pass: $55 (additional child $45)
10-Visit Pass: $100 (additional child $80)

Monthly: $95 ($150 for up to three kids)

Family VIP Club: $150 for the year, offers discounts and benefits detailed on site

Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30am-7pm (Big Beans area open at 3pm on weekdays during school year)
Saturday & Sunday: 8:30am-1pm
Drive-Thru: 6:30am-7pm

Bonus Features

If this wasn’t enough, they also offer classes such as yoga, dance, karate, gymnastics, music & movement, live music, drop-off workshops, summer camps…..and what I am most excited about:

***Date Nights with drop off for all ages from 5pm-8pm on certain nights***

Evanston has a great selection of restaurants and bars, so set up a double date, drop off all of your kids, and hit the town! I’m game!

Thoughts? Are you as excited as I am? Let’s go!

Disclosure: Charlotte received complimentary admission to Little Beans for the afternoon, but all opinions are honest and my own.