Lazy Hairstyles Revamped

My go-to hairstyle is a bun; a messy, casually thrown back, misshapen bun. Keeping my hair down during the week is as rare as seeing Lindsay Lohan not looking like a trout-pouting stripper. I went on a mission to find a more pulled-together style, but maintain the fuss-free five minute time-frame.

The Topknot

This is the bun, redone. The trick to this is to not pull your hair so tight that it gives you a migraine (made this mistake one day; was wondering why I had a massive headache…). I also have a movie screen forehead so need a little something extra to break up the front. (Seriously, another girl & I won the “forehead” award on our my high school pom pon squad. Not sure if she is as scarred by this as I am- awesome award to give girls who are already über self-conscious).

1. Spray hair with aerosol hairspray; this helps the style and height stick.
2. Flip head over and secure a ponytail where you would imagine a high school cheerleader would have it.
3. Divide hair into two sections and literally tie it into a knot.
4. Wrap one end of the finished knot around the front and bobby pin.
5. Wrap the other end around the back and bobby pin.
6. Shellac it with an extra coat of hair spray and voila! Instant effortless chic style.

*To glam it up a bit, tease hair and wrap around ponytail instead of tying in a knot. This creates a mini-beehive which can look sweet if done right. I also add a headband; loving the jeweled ones that are on the runway this season.

The Poufy Pony

My second go-to hairstyle is a ponytail. Time to revamp this one as well!

Adding some volume and texture will kick this classic style into high gear. The first steps are similar the topknot above:

1. Spray hair with aerosol hairspray.
2. Flip head over and secure a messy ponytail at the crown of your head.
3. You can cover the elastic by wrapping a strand of hair around and pin it, but I only do this for a more formal event. Just make sure not to use a bright hair elastic- you will look like an extra from Bring It On.
4. Spray ponytail again with hairspray and tease lightly.
5. Using a medium-barreled curling iron, quickly curl sections of the ponytail. When curling hair, always make sure to alternate directions.
6. Tease a bit more and spray. DONE!



  1. September 10, 2012 / 12:13 am

    I love those styles. Ponytail for me is the simplest and easy type of hairstyles.

    • September 10, 2012 / 12:33 am

      I love my ponytails 🙂 I have pretty fine hair so the challenge is getting enough volume so it doesn't look like I just slapped it up there. If you have any additional styles/tips, let me know!

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