Sweet Dreams with Jam Box


To me, it is the single most important factor in determining whether my family has a good day or a disaster.

Both of my kids have night terrors, which makes for a tough time putting them to bed and keeping them there- it can turn into musical beds. When it comes to sleep, I try everything to ensure that they have everything possible to encourage them to GET IN BED and stay there.

One thing my kids adore is pajamas- they love picking them out, and I love when they are finally in their PJ because it means one step closer to bed 😉 Poor little Miss Charlotte has been wearing her brother’s hand-me-down PJs, though, because she is off the charts tall and I can’t keep up with her.

When I finally remember to buy pajamas for her, they are usually the ones I find at Target while grabbing groceries. Many times, they become unwearable because they are made of cheap fabric that cause them to become fit for doll clothes the minute they hit the dryer.

I just discovered Jam Box, a monthly or seasonal delivery of high quality pajamas for my kiddos. The company was started by a Chicago-based mother of triplets, Kristen Favia, who had trouble finding comfy pajamas (and time to shop for them). She created Jam Box to solve the issue, and works directly with brands like Sara’s Prints, Esme, Hatley, Skylar Luna, Munki Munki, and Tea to make sure you don’t pay more than retail.

I filled out a profile for my kids- size, height, weight, favorite colors and hobbies. My Jam Boxes arrived promptly, and to say my kids loved them would be an understatement. They immedately pulled them out of the box, shed their clothes, popped on their new jammies and started jumping on my bed.

The pajamas fit incredibly well, even my adorably pot-bellied three year old gal was comfortable in them. The prints and colors were right up their alley- kites, animals and hearts for her, sharks for him. Honestly, I had never purchasd high quality pajamas before and was used to EVERY pair shrinking right up in the wash, but these maintained their shape and became even softer if that was possible.

I think Jam Box is perfect for busy parents AND a fun gift for grandparents/relatives to give. What kid doesn’t jump up and down with excitement when a package arrives for them? Jam Box carries sizes 2T to 8, and plans are customizable as to when your pajamas are delivered.

So if your kiddos love jammies as much as mine do but you can’t find the time to shop for them, this might be the perfect solution. Give Jam Box a try, or give it as a gift!

Disclosure: I received 2 Jam Boxes for review purposes, but all opinions are honest and my own as always.