Indoor Kids Activities: Recreate Medieval Times at Home

Raise your hand if your kids are STIR CRAZY and you are looking for some indoor kids activities to entertain them?

In a search for activities that we can take indoors, I took my family to see Medieval Times, the dinner theater extraordinaire that combines a utensil-free 4-course meal with an authentic knight’s tournament. After seeing the movie Cable Guy in HIGH SCHOOL (1996 to be exact) it has been a secret dream of mine to visit Medieval Times and see if it was as dramatic as it has been portrayed.

My daughter grabbed her princess garb as soon as I mentioned the theme of the restaurant, and my son improvised a knight’s chainmail with an Optimus Prime costume leftover from Halloween. My kids are definitely masters of improvising- wonder where they got that from?

We met up with a few friends and crashed the Hall of Arms with coordinated crowns, mugs of ale and faux strawberry daiquiris.

There were roaming knights throughout the pre-show, posing for photos and answering questions from inquiring minds. The kids’ eyes lit up as we entered the arena, and jumped up in their seats as each section cheered for their Medieval warrior, who was dressed in the section’s colors. 

I thought there would be a few clanging swords and a little mock-fighting, but the scope of what these professionals present went far beyond my expectations. Sparks flew alongside knights being knocked off their horse, falcons completed swoops and dives around the ring, and the horses themselves performed beautiful dances.

As soon as we arrived home, the kids refused to let their banners out of their still-sticky hands. Crowns soon became an integral part of play time, with each of my children performing royal roles. Although nothing can top actually visiting a Medieval Times location, you can keep the magic going. The next night, I decided to set up a Medieval Times Tournament of our own! This is the perfect indoor kids activity- it combines imagination with something you do every day (eat dinner!).

Dress the part.

Whether you already have medieval costumes or need to improvise with Elsa or Superman, kids love to dress up and use their imagination.

Present a utensil-free dinner. 

“Wait, I can eat with my hands??” You will get this response, followed by a big grin and messy meal. So what! Bake chicken drumsticks, add rolls, soup in a sipping bowl, and cupcakes for dessert.

Set the stage.

I put together an obstacle course made solely of crepe paper and construction paper. Inexpensive and easy to clean- two major factors in my playbook!

Hop on a horse.

If you don’t have a play horse, use a mop or broom handle and pop a stuffed animal on top; secure with a scarf. My kids grabbed play swords to aim at the paper circles throughout the course.

Ride away and video the challenge!

My kids love to watch themselves over and over! Videotape their journey through the obstacle course and put it up on the big screen using Apple TV if you have it. 

Thank you to Medieval Times for hosting our family- we can’t wait to come back! Until then, we will be practicing our medieval moves in the kitchen in preparation for our next visit.

If you are in the Chicago area, you can see the NEW Medieval Times show in Schaumburg. The queen has come to take the throne from her late father, which is a partial result of fans expressing the desire to see a woman take on a more significant role in the show. Bravo, I say! (And props on the brocade bodice on that dress and the matte burgundy lipstick- simply fabulous).

Cheers to showing strong women ruling with a fair, kind and respected ruler. May we as moms have a similar reign. 

Disclosure: I received complimentary tickets to Medieval Times for review purposes; all opinions are honest and my own as always.