How to Wear an Off The Shoulder Top

I am going to peel back the curtain on a mom issue a little here. After having two kids and hitting 35, strapless bras aren’t my fave. That is all I am going to say on that topic, but you get it. When I was in my early 20s, I remember going out sans bra even. That idea is simply ridiculous now.

When the off the shoulder craze started, I was down but a little leery of foregoing bra straps. It came down to two options- first, find a GREAT strapless bra. What makes a strapless great you ask? First, it needs to have gel along the inside band to grip and stay up. Second, it needs to have 3 clasps. Also, no demi cups. Please. I am not Nicki Minaj. Homegirl looks fabulous, but not exactly the look I am going for.

Second, you CAN do an off the shoulder with straps. Make sure the straps are as thin a possible and don’t actually look like bra straps, but more like cami straps. I have a collection of Coobi bras- they are available in about 65 colors, fit almost everyone, and cost around $20. I grab mine at my friend Grace’s store Ella Louvi.

Also, you can do a top with cutout shoulders- still baring a little skin but not full on “my top is going to fall down if someone tugs hard” feel.

This dress I grabbed from Target- although on me it is a tunic because of my build. It was on clearance for oh…around $12. I paired it with leather leggings, a patent belt, contrasting graphic shoes and threw on a black leather moto jacket because it has been FREEZING here the past few weeks.

Here is a slightly blurry photo, but I wore this dress during the day with my kids to the Field Museum that day with the black Coobi. PS- we were in front of the monkey exhibit making monkey faces…

If you want do a shoulder cut-out, I adore this peplum version I grabbed from Ella Louvi. I love that it is fitted at the waist, so you don’t have to worry about styling it.

I paired this with a high-waisted skirt, red pumps and a red Kate Spade envelope clutch. My earrings are from Ella Louvi as well- incredibly lightweight black long fringe that you can’t even tell are on your ears.

Are you up for this trend? Or is it just not in your wardrobe wishes?