How to Get Amazing Style for a Fraction of the Price

I am obsessed with subscription boxes. My most recent subscription was to the Rachel Zoe Box of Style, even though I promised myself no more subscriptions. Rules are meant to be broken, especially when it comes to style!

I added this one to the roster because Rachel Zoe is a fierce style icon (I mean, she made caftans chic!), and I love that The Zoe Report is using some items in their articles. For example, they used the caftan in the Summer box in the “3 Unexpected Ways to Style a Caftan,” which is perfect…because I have never owned a caftan. I always thought they were so Mrs. Roper from Three’s Company, and had no clue what to do with one!

Here is the lowdown on the Box of Style:

Cost: $100/box
Value: Over $300
Frequency: 4x/year (one for each season)
Type of products: Style & beauty
How to Cancel: Click here and select Cancellation Request prior to the renewal month
What countries: USA, UK, Australia, Canada ($15 flat rate shipping international)
Referral Program: Refer 5 friends, receive your box free
Coupon: Get $10 off your first box by using this link

Here are the products that came in the Summer 2016 box…and full disclosure- I saw the full reveal before I subscribed to the box. It was SO up my alley!

Luv AJ Pave Tusk Lariat & Open Crescent Ring SetRetail Value: $190

Considering this set is already worth more than I paid for the box, total WIN! Although I wouldn’t have picked this duo out of a jewellery lineup myself, it is helping me step out of my “statement necklace-and-studs” comfort zone. Love that the necklace is so versatile- wear it with a low cut shirt to show it off, or tuck it into a button down for a little hint.

Michael Stars Pastel Gardens CoverupRetail Value: $58

THIS was the item that pushed me over the edge to purchase the box! It is the perfect style challenge for someone who plays dress up every day (yes, this girl…). Stay tuned for a post next week about how to get more use out of your beach coverups!

YHF Los Angeles Cashton Brown SunglassesRetail Value: $40

I keep purchasing crazy sunglasses. Floral, blinged out, swirly sides…I cringe when they all converge and I realize that the obsession has got out of hand. Of course I need another pair though, right? These are understated, the perfect shape to complement all face shapes, and actually block the sun. Amazing.

Juice Beauty Green Apple SPF 15 Brightening MoisturizerRetail Value: $38

How odd is it that I have face moisturizer, and I have sunscreen for my face, but don’t have a good combo product? Although I wish the SPF was 30, this stuff smells amazing and is creamy without being oily.

OUAI Haircare Wave SprayRetail Value: $12

SO EXCITED for this product!! I have fine, chemically processed (GASP! Bottle blonde here, folks) hair that dries out like crazy with traditional sea salt sprays. Jen Atkin, hair stylist to the stars, created this company whose namesake means a casual, Parisian way of saying yes. PS- it is pronounced WAY. Check out this video for “effortless” beachy hair using the wave spray. And yes, the quote marks are an indication of sarcasm. My idea of effortless is spraying the stuff on my post-shower hair and walking out the door. This is not effortless…but looks pretty damn fabulous. I have learned that the effortless look often requires quite a bit of effort in both hair and makeup!

DreamDry Dream TurbanRetail Value: $30

I am a massive fan of hair turbans! I have two, and they are looking a little manky and deflated after daily use. I personally use them in place of a shower cap when skipping a shampoo for the day, and use them to soak up all that excess water when I do wash. Do you toss and turn at night? Pop this on before bed to keep your hair frizz-free.

Total retail value of the Summer box: $368

What are your thoughts on the Rachel Zoe Box of Style? Worth the money? If you are interested in grabbing this box or future ones, make sure to use the link here to get $10 off!!

Happy styling!!!