How I Took 5 Years Off My Face in 90 Minutes

I am 36 years old and yes, most days I certainly look it. Although I try to take care of my skin by washing my face religiously every night before bed and slathering on every lotion and potion imaginable, the aging process has definitely taken its toll. From crows feet to forehead lines, my mid-thirties has hit hard. I am grateful for all of the experiences in my life (especially kids!) but some have put more wear on my face than I would prefer.

I have been on the hunt for ways to turn back time in a natural way. Since I am on camera often, and the camera definitely magnifies any skin challenges (hello high def!), I am probably more sensitive to how I look than I normally would be.

Many of my friends have resorted to Botox, which although I am not opposed to in the future…I am not ready for just yet. I was invited to preview the new Time Lapse Facial from George the Salon at the corner of Oak & Rush in Chicago, and I, of course, jumped at the chance to turn the years back while getting pampered above the hustle and bustle of the city.

The Time Lapse Facial 

I am often overwhelmed by the offerings at spas. I know I want to emerge glowing and gorgeous, but what will accomplish that hefty task? Peel? Dermabrasion?

Lindsey Blondin, the Spa Director and Esthetician at George the Salon, has taken it upon herself to create a custom facial that addresses the needs of her customers. The Time Lapse Facial combines anti-aging powers of Dermaplane, Light Therapy and a Chemical Peel. In 90 minutes, she helps your skin truly glow from the inside and start on the path to healing itself.

Photo: George the Salon

Our session began with a skin consultation where Lindsey analyzed the condition and needs of my face. I told her my skin goals (Fewer wrinkles! Smoother complexion! I want to GLOW!) and she adjusted the facial to fit my needs.

She cleansed my face and started with Dermaplane. If you have never had the pleasure of a Dermaplane session, I can’t recommend it enough. This takes off a layer of dead skin and vellus hair with a sharp blade, resulting in an impossibly smooth, fresh face.

Next, we moved to light therapy which uses ultrasonic stimulation that boosts elasticity, leaving skin tight and toned. Lindsey decided that my skin could handle a chemical peel as well, which is composed of a chemical solution being applied to your face…in my case, multiple times to achieve a level of exfoliation that reveals glowing skin.

Lindsey shared her battle with skin challenges, including cystic acne and scarring. I was shocked- her face currently looks airbrushed, like porcelain. She smiled when I told her, and said that it was all due to the procedures she just performed on me.

The After Effects

That night, I had a party to attend at a friend’s home. I was nervous about how my skin would look, imagining Samantha from Sex and the City wearing a bee keeper’s veil after her chemical peel. You aren’t allowed to wear makeup for 24 hours post-peel, which is not typically on my agenda. I received so many compliments that night on the appearance of my skin- it glowed! Mother’s Day Brunch was the next morning; again, no makeup but I was shocked at how smooth my skin was.

From left, top to bottom: Mother’s Day, less than 24 hours later and no makeup; Day 4 on ChicagonistaLive!- peeling in full effect, skin is glowing; 1.5 weeks out, gorgeous skin on WCIU

Around day 4-5, the peeling was in full effect but I was still able to go on camera and felt that my skin was luminous. About one and a half weeks later, I went on WCIU and noticed that my makeup went on smoother than ever- I loved the overall effect of my facial.

Time to Book It

If you are looking for a more natural anti-aging solution, this is IT. I can honestly say this took at least 5 years off my face, if not more.  Lindsey recommends the Time Lapse Facial every month to achieve my desired outcome. To me, this is worth the investment- you present your face to the world every day. It is the first impression you leave on people, and if you aren’t confident about the way you look it certainly shows.

To book the Time Lapse Facial, contact George the Salon at 312-923-9444. You won’t be disappointed!

Disclosure: I was treated to a Time Lapse Facial at George the Salon for review purposes. All opinions are honest and my own, as always.