5 Healthier Ways to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

I have a massive sweet tooth. Yes, I could head to Dunkin’ and shovel
a dozen Munchkins down my throat, but…that is in direct conflict with
my desire to fit into my clothes. Not very healthy. How do you satisfy a sweet tooth
without ruining your diet? (And by diet I mean healthy eating regimen,
not crazy cabbage soup only type of thing).

I found 5 healthier ways to satisfy my sweet tooth, and hopefully they work for you as well!

Betsy’s Best: Nut and Seed Butters

the jars of healthy, natural nut butters I have tried in the past were fairly
tasteless, runny and fairly bland. When I received Besty’s to try, I
admit I was skeptical…until I dipped a spoon in and had my first
taste. I was half a jar in when I came out of my food trance and had to
force myself to twist the lid back on. Honestly, this is some of the
best food I have tasted- completely addictive. This line of butters was
created by Betsy Opyt, a registered Dietitian and certified personal
trainer, so you know this is full of super foods like chia seeds and
healthy oils and free of chemicals and artificial ingredients.

sampled two flavors- Cardamom Cashew Butter and Cinnamon Almond Butter,
and both had a unique texture and flavor profile. The Cardamom added a
bit of savory, while the cinnamon was just sweet enough to prevent me
from wanting to eat a dozen candy bars in rapid succession during a
sugar craving. Here’s the sweetest part- a 2 tablespoon serving has only 3
grams of sugar. Slather it on sliced apples or sandwich it in a
crepe….or spoon it out of the jar while you hide in the pantry from
your kids like I do.

Grab it on Amazon here- $14.99 for 12 oz, and worth every single penny.

Whipped Cream

time I am at Trader Joe’s, I ask my checkout gal or guy what their
favorite product in the store is. A few years ago, the cashier told me
about their Whipped Cream- he said that I would never purchase Reddi
Whip again. That prophecy came true the minute I sampled Cabot Whipped
Cream- it tastes just like fresh made whipped cream but fluffier and
easier to dispense. It doesn’t contain corn syrup like most whipped
creams in a can, but instead uses natural vanilla flavor. I use it in my
coffee every day in lieu of adding sugar, and top fresh berries with it
for dessert. Instead of ice cream or sorbet, I add this whipped cream
to frozen cherries or blueberries and mix it around until it coats them.

With only 15 calories per 2 tablespoon, this
makes the perfect substitute to sprinkling sugar on anything. And hey,
if you eat it directly from the can, I won’t judge you…I will probably
be right there next to you doing the same thing. Their website has a product locator, so plug in your zip code and see where you can grab this. I buy it three cans at a time to stock up!

Chocolate Covered Bananas

remember eating chocolate-covered bananas at Cedar Point when I was a
little kid- it was the ultimate treat during the summertime and totally
exotic to a small town kid like me. Fast forward oh, a few dozen years
and they are now available in convenient little treat packs in the
grocery store. I have had both Diana’s Bananas and the Trader Joe’s
version, both of which are delish. Diana’s Bananas only has 100 calories
per 4 pieces- just enough to satisfy that sugar craving without
damaging your diet.

 Photo: Martha Stewart

Want to make your own? Martha Stewart has a recipe on her website, but c’mon….just melt the chocolate, dip the bananas and pop in the freezer.

Kind Bars

I was first introduced to Kind Bars by Stephanie Mansour,
a Health & Fitness Expert that I met in the Green Room before a Fox
32 segment. She was talking about exercise apparel, and me…I don’t
even remember what I was jabbering on about on camera. Anyways, I signed
up for her free 21 day challenge and found that she recommended Kind
Bars because they have a low glycemic index, are made of
nutritionally-dense ingredients like whole nuts and fruit, and
well…they just taste really darn good.  I don’t eat these daily, but
if I get a craving for say, Salted Caramel Ice Cream, I reach for their
Caramel Almond and Sea Salt Bar.


Halloween, I buy a box of Count Chocula and hide it from my kids, then I
ration out about a cup for myself when I get a craving for all the
candy that they bring home. There are a bunch of cereals out there that
are healthier than chowing a Snickers or sneaking some Kisses.
Multi-Grain Cheerios Dark Chocolate Crunch and Barbara’s Puffins are two
recommended by Hungry Girl, and I concur.

major thing about cereal is realizing how much a serving size is, and
acknowledging that by adding milk you are adding calories. I usually
measure out a serving and eat it sans milk as a snack.

How do you cure those sugar cravings? Do you have favorite treats that satisfy your sweet tooth? Please share!

Cheers to healthy but not I’m-eating-only-kale-and-quinoa-for-the-rest-of-eternity eating styles!