Healthier Snacks for National Nutrition Month

This is a sponsored post- all opinions are honest and my own as always.

I consider myself a healthy eater…until it comes to snacks. They are my downfall- I can easily take down a bag of tortilla chips in one sitting while on the couch at night. I have searched for options that still taste great but help me snack better. Here are a few of my favorites!


Nachos are hands down my favorite food- the variety, the crunch, the multiple different ways you can customize. Since nachos are a staple in my household, finding a way to make them a bit healthier was key. Quest Tortilla Style Protein Chips are my secret weapon- they offer up to 20g of protein with only 3-4g net carbs. I top them with ground turkey simmered in taco seasoning, or I make “taco tofu” and top the chips with that. As for cheese- I have a few vegan options that I have tried, and @plantbasedtamika recently recommended her favorite on insta here!

healthy nachos

Granola Bars

If you read the label of some granola bars, they might as well be candy bars- high in sugar and low in protein. As an alternative, I started making energy balls as a portable, healthy snack! I love that these use rice, which is naturally gluten-free. I used to be horrible at cooking rice- EVERY time I cooked it, the rice would stick to the bottom of the pan or turn to mush. I started using Success Boil-in-Bag Brown Rice and it comes out perfect every time now. Here is a great energy for Brown Rice and Chocolate Energy Balls!

Energy Balls


I have a massive sweet tooth, and often am just looking for a little something sweet to satisfy my sugar craving. If I come across a candy bar, though, I will eat the entire thing. I seriously have no willpower when it comest to chocolate. GoGo squeeZ recently came out with AlmondBlend Pudding, and I am obsessed. They give me just the hit of sweetness I need without all the sugar, and contain 5g of protein without any preservatives or artificial flavors. I keep these on hand just for myself- my kids thankfully haven’t discovered them yet! I keep their other products on hand for lunches, especially the Big squeeZ for my 10-year-old.

almond pudding

Cheers to healthier snacking options, and for kicking food guilt to the curb!