Halloween Toys and Entertainment

This time of year is the time we can all play a little more, step out of our everyday and try out something new. I have an incredible lineup of Halloween toys and entertainment for kids this spooky season, perfect for a costume try-on session post-trick-or-treat family wind-down evening. I popped onto the WGN Morning Show to introduce some of my favorites to Paul and Pat…always a laugh!

Fire In The Hole

This “plundering pirate game” is a combo card game and pop-up book-style board game. Play your card, don an eye patch, and fire your cannon into the ship. The first pirate to connect four cannonballs wins!

Fire In The Hole is 100% plastic-free, biodegradable, and carbon-neutral, making it one of the most sustainable games on the market.

Pirate-themed pop up book board game

Jurassic World CAPTIVZ Dominion Edition

If you want a candy alternative to hand out during trick-or-treating or simply a fun, slimy goodie bag item for your Halloween bash, these dinosaur-and-slime-filled eggs are a major hit with kids. They include four never before seen dinosaur species that were introduced during the Jurassic World Dominion movie, and over 30 Pop n Lock dinos in slime eggs.


Does your kids’ costume need a little something extra? How about a custom soundtrack or sound effects? RUKUSfx is a motion-controlled music mixer with 120 pre-loaded music tracks, 80 built-in sound effects, a built-in microphone, and LED lights. Perfect for costume accompaniment or TikTok videos.

music mixer

FAO Schwarz Style Runway

If you have littles who like to dress up with multiple costume changes, this adorable set is for you. It encourages children to participate in hours of screen-free play, inspiring them to perform and create. The kit includes a runway stage, dressing room, designer closet, hair & makeup area, and a pretend store. The runway even lights up, and it is incredibly simple to assemble.


This Toy of the Year finalist is a playset with unlimited possibilities- create a spaceship, castle, cave… the list goes on. The lightweight felt panels contain magnets that connect any which way, no extra attachment parts are needed. It is a STEM toy with a focus on expanding children’s imagination and creativity.

Best part for parents? It even stores itself as a toy box and expands as kids grow!

Happy Halloween, cheers to hoping you and your family enjoy making memories and playing together!