Hair and Makeup at Home with Stylisted!

So often, when I am prepping for a big event, I become so stressed that I don’t actually enjoy the getting ready part…which is a big chunk of the fun in my world!

I recently tried Stylisted, an app that allows you book in-home hair and makeup at an affordable price, for Dîner en Blanc. Yes, you heard me right- a professional hair and makeup team will come to your home and won’t break the budget!

The process:

  • Select your city. Stylisted is currently available in New York, LA and Chicago. My team even came up to Wilmette (north ‘burbs), so inquire about suburban work!
  • Select your service. Hair? Makeup? Both?
  • Select a date and time. Hair takes about an hour depending upon your style, and makeup can take 45min-an hour. Schedule accordingly prior to your event!
  • Select a stylist. Blowout? Updo? Dry styling? Wedding? Tutorial? Airbrushing? They have a full selection of hair & makeup services with straightforward pricing listed.
  • Book it!

One thing I loved was “shopping” for my stylists. Each artist has an online mini portfolio that details their specialties, gives you a snapshot of their work, and includes a menu of services. Also, want to know what others thought? Honest reviews are published under each artist.

My experience:

I selected Bev Esquivel for makeup. In her portfolio, I loved the range of looks she was able to create. The reviews also RAVED about her work- not one bad word among them. We also love some of the same makeup products- she had me at UrbanDecay Naked Palette- and her focus on primers and setting sprays.

As for hair, Beth Petrielli was a great pick. I looked for a stylist whose reviews raved about style staying power, and hers definitely did just that. Since my hair style needed to last late into the night, I wanted someone who could whip my fine hair into shape.

Some artists can do both hair and makeup; since my friend Kara and I were both having ours done, I booked two stylists so we could switch. Both Bev and Beth arrived on time, ready to get down to work! Kara and I sat back, relaxed, enjoyed bubbly, and let the gals make magic happen.

Kara went for a gorgeous smokey eye, sexy yet subdued and not over the top with a blush/neutral lip to let the eyes truly shine through. Gorgeous!

Kara wanted a sleek, simple look with a small jewel-encrusted pin for the hair, and Beth perfectly flat ironed her natural waves.

I showed my outfit to both stylists, and described what look I was going for: flapper-esque with a modern touch. Beth worked on my hair while Bev did Kara’s makeup. As Beth started working, I continued to describe the look I was going for. I whipped out my phone, scrolled through Pinterest snaps to make sure we were on the same page, and she made some modifications along the way to ensure that I LOVED the final product.

As for makeup, Bev was able to see the hairstyle Beth created and compose a look that complemented the overall style. She scrolled through Pinterest herself to show me what she had in mind, and I was so excited I could barely sit still! Through the makeup application, she happily answered all of my burning pro makeup questions and spilled some insider secrets along the way. I even snapped a photo of the lipstick she used so I could purchase it later!

And here is the final result…

We had an amazing evening, and I can’t wait for next year! Using Stylisted completely transformed my stress level when getting ready for the event. All I had to do was open my front door, and enjoy champagne! Both my hair and makeup lasted through the evening, until the very last drop of wine was poured. To book a stylist for yourself (or even a group of friends- what a great pre-event party!), simply go online to or download the Stylisted app. Cheers!

Disclosure: I was provided with a Stylisted credit for review purposes; all opinions are honest and my own.



  1. September 15, 2015 / 6:08 pm

    Love this! Everything turned out so beautifully 🙂

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