Girl’s Night Out: Tequila at Taste on Chestnut

Sometimes, you have to ditch your date and have a girl’s night out! A few friends and I gathered at one of the North Shore’s most popular dining venues- Taste on Chestnut. Every other Tuesday, this illustrious venue provides a free Taste on Taste event for patrons- a food and cocktail pairing with a different theme each week.

This week featured Partida Tequila, with sipping samples of their three different types of tequila, and a little education on each.

Partida Blanco- hints of citrus, herbs and tropical fruit
Partida Reposado- hints of vanilla, hazelnut and almond
Partida Añejo- hints of banana, chocolate and sweet pear

I am embarrassed to admit, I had never actually sipped tequila. Most of my experience with it has been in a margarita or (gasp) shot form. When you sip and savor the taste versus merely take a shot, it is a totally different experience.

We then moved on to cocktails! Our host shook up an amazing Watermelon Margarita that has since become my absolute favorite summer cocktail. Stay tuned for the recipe and a feature at an upcoming event! Another amazing mix was the Tequila Bellini- a mixture of peach puree, mint, Partida tequila and a little bubbly.

Taste on Chestnut paired these delicious sips with Steak Mini Sopes with Chipotle Crema. The care and composition that went into just these appetizers left me eager to return for a full dinner!

Although it was a bit chilly, we had to bring our cocktails outside to enjoy the patio- after all, it is summer! Taste on Chestnut’s tables wrap around the restaurant, providing a fairly secluded option for al fresco dining.

Their next event is tonight, July 28th from 5:30-7pm featuring “Art of the Shot.” They will be serving shots of various liquors, as well as bites of mouthwatering Shrimp Ceviche with Watermelon and Jalapeño. For info on upcoming events, make sure to follow their Facebook page. Give them a call for more information, and yes, their Taste on Taste events are FREE! In addition to fine dining, Taste on Chestnut also offers cooking classes where attendees help prep the ingredients while the staff prepares and plates the meal. Can’t wait to make a return trip!