Gift Guide: Music (Wo)Man

Branch Earphone Splitter- $10 @

Oh the days of sharing ear buds with your object of affection while listening to Baby Got Back on your Walkman are over! Split and share the sound with these affordable and chic earphone splitter.

Pick Punch- Create Your Own Guitar Picks- $26 @

Makes me wish I played the guitar! Punch any type of plastic card to create usable guitar picks- gift cards, credit cards, hotel keys…hm…create a memory with THAT one!

Zipbuds- $19.99 @

Really. Why didn’t someone think of this sooner? Every time I take my ear buds out to listen to music when I run (haha…sorry, me run? Ok, walk. Fast) I spend the first ten minutes untangling the cords. Zip em up and start that work out on time!

Cassette Tape Pencil Relation T-shirt- $22.99 @

I gave my nephew a “fake spill” bottle of White Out to fake out his family. And what did he ask? “What is White Out?” I have a feeling I would get the same reaction if I handed him a cassette tape. Keep the magic alive with this kitschy T.

Record Bowls- $25 @

Pretty sweet. You could DIY this project, but I don’t want to be blamed when you end up with melted vinyl scars. Another option- you can send your personal records out to have them transformed into a bowl for $50.