Gift Guide: Babies & Toddlers

Oh Baby!

Ok, socks? YES socks! At this age, kids have absolutely no clue what they are getting. You might as well pick out something that YOU want to see them in, and what could be more fun than putting them in something new for the 12 days before Christmas?

Over-The-Knee Socks for Crawlers- $30 @

My little guy bashed his knees up as a new crawler. Keep those knobby knees bruise-free with these adorable socks. Even if they aren’t crawlers, I put these on under pjs at night to add some extra warmth.

Toddler Time

Match a Pair of Shoes Memory Game- $15.95 @

REALLY!??! (Insert little girl-like squeal by me) IF I had a daughter, we would start every day by playing this. Poor b might just have to play a few rounds.

Singing with the Stars Elmo DVD- $11.93 @

Barney freaks me out. The Wiggles? Shudder. BUT THIS I can handle! Elmo sings with the stars…and not lame stars like that guy from One Direction or whatever talentless boy band is currently en vogue. I mean real stars like Jason Mraz, Alicia Keys and (who is either stoned in this video or really chill…you decide. Either way he is massively entertaining)

Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn iPad Apptivity Case- $29.97 @ Walmart

Ok. So go if your stance is “My child will only play with organic, locally-sourced toys that enhance his IQ by 20 points” skip over this item. I will be over here taking a well-deserved ten minute break while my kid learns his animal sounds via the iPad, but let’s not get into that minefield of a debate. This case includes a drool-resistant cover and an option to lock the home button so your cute tot can’t accidentally purchase inappropriate apps like mine did.

Wee Can Too Edible Finger Paint- $35 for 5 bottles @

Although I wouldn’t recommend serving this to your little one for lunch, these finger paints are all natural, organic and edible! It is made from Organic Fruit & Vegetable powders, rice cereal and rice flour. They also make crayons and sidewalk chalk- perfect since those end up in my guy’s mouth as well.