Getting Sensitive with SoCozy

Every time, I mean EVERY SINGLE DARN TIME I go to the pediatrician, something happens to my child right before. Whether they run face first into a wall (hey, it happens more often than you think) and end up with a black eye or try to wrestle their sibling and end up with a goose egg the size of Texas on their forehead, some sort of visible damage is inevitable.

This month, it was my 3 year old’s turn for her annual well visit. I thought I was lucky- no falling down stairs, no knocking teeth out. I thought, “For once, the pediatrician is going to think I have it together! AHA!” Our doctor entered the exam room and asked my daughter to strip down. As Charlotte peeled off her shirt, these patches of irritated skin appeared. Good lord, she looked like a red lizard.

I saw my pediatrician’s questioning look and she, in turn, saw the look of shock on my face…ok, not shock because nothing surprises me anymore. More like disbelief that I had failed yet again to take perfect care of my children.

Turns out Char has sensitive skin. Until we figured out what irritated it, I had to eliminate all possible sources of chemicals that might cause it to act up. New detergent, new soap, new shampoo, no fabric softener, no scented lotion, and the list goes on.

JUST after this happened, I was asked to review SoCozy’s new Sensitive line of children’s hair care products called Hush.

The line currently has 4 products:

Sensitive 2in1 Shampoo + Conditioner
Sensitive Scalp Balancing Serum
Sensitive Detangler Ultra-Gentle Leave-in
Sensitive Styling Foam- Natural Hold

The Shampoo + Conditioner has an attached soft massaging brush that actually helps trick Charlotte into washing her hair. She loves the feel of the bristles, I love that it gets rid of flakes, and she is now able to wash her hair “all by myself”- the motto of ever 3 year old out there.

The Balancing Serum is a non-greasy way of helping to restore moisture balance.

SoCozy’s Detangler has long been a favorite product of mine, and I was thrilled when I realized the Hush line carried it. It eliminates tugging and tears when we brush her fine locks, and you leave it in for extra moisture and soothing.

The Styling Foam is perfect for my gal’s fairly flat hair do. Sorry Char, you inherited my hair. Most styling products are strongly scented, contain drying ingredients, and make hair crunchy or sticky. Not this stuff. AND it still smells good because it contains allergen-free fragrance! Best of both worlds.

I love the fact that I can pick this up at Target. Yep. No heading to an out of the way, over-priced salon to find quality products for your kiddo. I grab the SoCozy Hush line in the baby aisle as I grab the rest of my sensitive skin lotions and potions for her.

SoCozy has always been about cutting out the nasties in hair products:
No Parabens
No Sulfates
No Phthalates
No Formaldehyde
No Synthetic Color
No Propylene Glycol
Free of Gluten, Wheat and Nuts
Allergy Tested
Dermatologist Tested

You can finally feel good about (and afford!) hair care products for sensitive scalps and skin.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by SoCozy. I received product and compensation, but all opinions are honest and my own as always!