Getting GLAM for Diner en Blanc

Getting glam has never been easier with the introduction of on the spot, on-demand beauty apps. I recently attended the Simply Stylist conference and met The Glam App co-founder and actress Cara Santana. She set up a mini glam studio where we could all get gorgeous- hair, makeup and nails on the spot. Cara has been in a few movies, shows, and has her own blog at CaraDisclothed– full of fabulous style from Asos to Gucci. Oh, and her boyfriend is Jesse Metcalfe…you know, the lawn boy from Desperate Housewives? When she told us he was in the hotel waiting for her to finish her presentation last year, I swooned *a little*.

Cara Santana- The Glam App

Cara mentioned at the conference last year that she wanted to make beauty accessible to everyone, not just the celebs. She partnered with hair/makeup artist Joey Maalouf (Rachel Zoe’s fave as well) to create the app and accomplish her goal. I chatted with her about Diner en Blanc, and let her know how thrilled I was to make red carpet glam accessible to our attendees. She thought the DeB concept was amazing!

Since Diner en Blanc is coming up soon, I got in touch with Cara’s team and arranged an exclusive 15% discount for Chicago attendees. Diner en Blanc is ALL about celebrating beauty, and I am thrilled our guests can look and feel their best for the night with the tap of a few buttons in an app! You can book hair, nails and/or makeup with a range of stylists. Pricing depends upon the service and experience of a stylist, but Hair ranges from $40-$100, Nails are $25-$100, and Makeup is $40-$100. There are also add-ons like hair extension, false eyelashes, etc… that are like icing on the style cake!

I booked a stylist to come to my room at the Radisson Blu Aqua hotel in Chicago where I will be getting ready. My friend Wendy wanted a Bombshell style, and I selected the Braid. It was simple- I booked two back-to-back appointments and make a notation that there should be the same stylist for both services. Within minutes of booking, a stylist snapped up both appointments, I received confirmation with a photo and name of the stylist, and we were set to go!

Make sure to book your appointment NOW for Diner en Blanc and make getting glam as easy as possible! I plan to pool it all morning at our hotel….and have a stress-free hair session with my Glam App gal!

Want to schedule? Simply download The Glam App, decide upon your style, enter your info and hit BOOK! No more bad hair days when you are stressed to look lovely 🙂



  1. August 17, 2016 / 11:26 am

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