5 Unique Ways to Get Kids Moving

Has the stay at home mandate redefined what it means to be a couch potato for your family? My kids get into a rut if they don’t move regularly- they start to prefer just sitting on the couch to doing anything else. ANY movement is better than no movement, and studies show both physical movement and meditate movement can be beneficial. Here are 5 unique ways local businesses are helping get kids moving.

Get kids moving during quarantine

Brooklyn Boulders Youth Programming

Brooklyn Boulders Classes

Rock climbing from home? I wish! Brooklyn Boulders, the climbing + community space in Chicago’s West Loop, has launched virtual youth programming that is being offered free of charge (with the ability to contribute what you can) since their climbing space is temporarily closed. Classes are offered to three different age levels- under 5, 5-10 years, and 11-16 years. The virtual classes incorporate creativity, movement, culture, songs, social-emotional learning, endurance, and more. Each session is 45 minutes in length and encourages them to get active, creative, and social!

Sign up here!

Ms. Arrington’s Atelier

Ms. Arrington's Atelier Online Class

I discovered Kundalini yoga with Jenny Arrington last year, and it was truly a major tool I used to deal with some very stressful times. Jenny and her business partner Tait created Rebel Human out of a shared desire to help people live a more connected, compassionate, creative, and joy-filled life. They recently launched Rebel Human TV which includes a New Age Mr. Rogers-esque program that provides a show for children to work through emotions, practice yoga and meditation, and even appearances by Jenny’s kids! This is sure to get kids moving in a different, more mindful way.

Check out the first episode here.

The Laughing Academy Home SC*HOO*L Sessions

The Laughing Academy Classes

If I can get my kids to laugh, then I know that the day wasn’t a failure. The Laughing Academy, located in Glenview, serves kids Pre-K through High School by providing classes, D39 enrichment, camps, and performance opportunities in Improv. They are offering a series of easy in-home improv games for the whole family. Improv builds self-confidence, empathy, conflict resolution and so much more- it will definitely get kids moving off the couch.

Find the series of in-home Improv games here!

Ensemble Español Stay Home Video Series

Ensemble Espanol Spanish Dance Videos

Did you know that a world-renowned Spanish Dance Company is in Residence at Northeastern University? They celebrate Spain in America through different forms of dance and music. If your kiddo likes to dance or simply wants to try something they have never done before, check out the Stay Home Video Series. It is a compilation of many aspects of Spanish dance- from Fan Tutorials to Castanet Lessons, these videos give an inside look at how to get started in Spanish dance.

Find their Stay Home Video Series here!

Virtual Give-What-You-Can Classes with Bubbles Academy

Virtual Classes with Bubbles Academy

Bubbles Academy is a vibrant, creative space for children to grow through art and play. I took my kids there a few times and they were in awe of the engaging staff and atmosphere that allowed for experimentation. They are offering multiple classes daily via Zoom, each class lasting 30 minutes and at a give-what-you-can cost. Offerings include Family Yoga, Bubble Ballet, Art + Adventure, Family Music & Movement, and many more. This is a way to get kids moving and keeping them entertained at a young age- classes are intended for kids 0-5 years of age.

You can sign up for their classes, offered 6 days a week, here!

Cheers for launching the kids off the couch and getting those endorphins flowing!