Funday: Shop While Kids Party & Play

Funday Kids Drop Off Play Space

Have you ever tried to take your young children shopping with you? Since part of my job is to see what is on trend in the stores, I have regularly taken my kids in tow while I cruise the mall on a regular basis. I even resorted to packing a picnic lunch complete with blanket for my kids when I knew I had a massive try-on session and would park them on the floor of the handicap fitting room while I whipped clothing on and off, dancing around them to see my reflection in the mirror. I could have used Funday, a place where kids party and play while I shop YEARS ago!

Well North Shore Chicago friends, there is a new way to shop when a sitter isn’t available or convenient and you JUST NEED time to yourself to shop or work out in peace without trying to locate a public restroom every five minutes or carrying a stockpile of Goldfish and a full size iPad in your purse. Funday is a boutique, drop-off play space that is designed for children ages 3-12 years old and believe me- they will BEG to go while you get on with your life.

Pricing is reasonable, and the staff truly loves children. PLUS, it is hands down the best place to host a birthday party- zero planning on your part, the kids are entertained, and parents can comfortably drop off their kids and shop or work out while their children enjoy your bash.

Funday is located at Westfield Old Orchard Mall in Skokie, right on the edge of Chicago’s family-friendly yet chic North Shore. Funday isn’t just a boring place to park your littles- they have an array of creative, athletic and unique activities that offers something for everyone:

My son first experienced Funday during one of their special events– Cake Camp over the summer. I had planned mom/daughter day out with one of my friends and her daughter, and needed somewhere for my son to hang out while we had a bracelet making bash at Kendra Scott.

Funday regularly offers perfectly planned and excellently executed events- Improv, Emoji Pillow Workshops, and even an Indoor Camping Movie Night just to name a few. He learned cake decorating techniques from a professional event planning and culinary consulting company, and emerged with a giant smile on his 7 year old face.

When the time rolled around for my daughter’s 5th birthday party, I knew that Funday was the ultimate birthday party location. I wanted a spot where my husband and I didn’t have to entertain the kids, but didn’t want to go the bouncy house frenzy route.

What appealed to me about Funday was that their packages came with two dedicated recreation assistants to help with set-up, tear-down AND entertain the kids during the party! One assistant, who is an incredible artist, even lead a mini drawing class for a few girls who wanted to learn.

Funday went all out with special touches to celebrate Charlotte’s birthday in a big way- they had adorable signs throughout the lobby wishing her a happy day, printed out My Little Pony coloring sheets for all of her friends, pitched in as photographers to ensure that I had memories of the celebration, and provided party extras when needed like cake knives and serving platters.

It was the most effortless, colorful, entertaining party we have thrown, and the parents of our guests were thrilled that they could leave their kids in care of such a safe and creative atmosphere (while they finished their holiday shopping). The kids ran from an energetic Just Dance marathon to creating a ball run out of PVC pipe to basketball matches to musical chairs.

Overall, I think Funday is an absolutely brilliant concept- perfect for the little break that we as parents all need. The founders are the two most lively, energetic and charming women I have met. They initially bonded over their love of shopping and the difficulty of toting energetic kids along, and from this the concept of Funday was born. Funday isn’t just used for shopping excursions, though- you can work out, pop into a meeting, grab dinner, see a movie, basically have a little time to yourself or with a friend/partner during an otherwise hectic time of life.

Thank you to Funday for helping us celebrate Charlotte’s 5th birthday- both of my kids are already begging to come back!

Cheers to creating a win-win for parents and kids- a unique, boutique play space that gives parents a little space to play as well!