I have read articles upon articles about check-ups and extra doctor appointments such as the optometrist that should be on your prenatal to-do list.  Well…I figured I should get a pair of glasses in preparation for those 3am feedings where popping in contacts won’t seem like the most convenient thing to do.

I hauled myself over to my local For Eyes thinking I could be out of there for under a hundred bucks. Apparently, I am still living in the time warp when mom and dad helped pay for luxuries like glasses. I couldn’t find a cute pair for under $200. SO…I walked out of there with a copy of my prescription and a sense of injustice.

I went online and tried out this site: Zenni Optical and like the Mormons that keep banging their bibles on my door, I feel the need to spread the good word. They even have a “Frame Fit” feature where you can try on (virtually, of course) different pairs to see what they would look like on your face shape. I picked out a pair of square frames scarily similar to the Prada ones that I was coveting at the store. Out the door, with anti-scratch and anti-glare coating, I paid $25. I love ’em!