Five Dollar Friday: 4th of July Dessert

Want a delicious dessert that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg but impresses your guests? Try this take on Strawberry Shortcake!


1 box cake mix, vanilla ($1 on sale at most stores….or even in the dollar store)

1 lb. of fresh strawberries (In season and on sale right now for around $1.99/lb)

1 container whipped topping, Cool Whip or REAL whipped cream if you are just that ambitious (around $2)

1 piece dental floss (you should have this laying around the house since we all lie to the dentist and tell them we floss daily)

Make the cake according to directions on the box and let cool.

I learned this next tip from my fellow 30Second Mom contributor, Angie Mozilo. Angie is an Arizona-based Mom of Many Hats. She has raised 3 kids in the Desert Southwest where among all other has that moms wear, she juggles being a Radio Show Host, Blogger and Speaker.

Cut your cake into 3 layers.  Check out a video of this step (How to Tort a Cake)here

Spread 1/3 of the whipped topping on the bottom layer and spread 1/2 of the cut strawberries on top. Place the middle layer on top, and repeat.

For the top layer, spread whipped topping on top and decorate with strawberries! You can get fancy like in the photo below or just cut a few slices to the stem of one strawberry and fan it out.

Strawberry Shortcake- Wendy Thomas of Chez Chloe

 Have a great 4th!! If you have any other fun recipes, I would love to hear about them!