#FirewaterFriday Mets Five Dollar Friday: Drinkable Gifts

If you follow me on Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook, I am sure you have seen references FirewaterFriday. Also, I am almost sure you don’t know what the heck it is all about! Here goes:

FirewaterFriday is more of a mindset. It is about cracking one open, taking a breather, shooting the…breeze with friends and regaining perspective. Have you ever had a FirewaterFriday moment? Take this zinger of mine: phone stopped working, toddler drew all over the walls, computer crashed, dinner burned and forgot to pay a VERY important bill…all in the same hour. THAT was my FirewaterFriday moment this week! It isn’t about getting 21st-birthday-drunk; it is about having a glass of wine and saying “Screw it; I need a break!” I don’t care if you down a shot or a green tea; sometimes you need to surrender to the $hitty things in life and take a break.

Well, this Friday, FirewaterFriday meets Five Dollar Friday!

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If you know me, you KNOW how much I love giving gifts…and you know how frugal I am. Nothing makes a better hostess, housewarming or thank you gift than the gift of booze.

Take a look at the cute $5 ideas below and feel free to steal them for yourself!

Bubbly, Anyone?

I received a LOT of comments on my mini champagne bucket favors that I gave to my gals last weekend. Each of them were less than $5! Here were the supplies & a pic in case you missed it:

Mini bottle of Segura Viudas Champagne ($3.50 @ Binny’s or Cost Plus World Market)
Galvanized bucket with chalkboard square ($1 @ Target)
Straw, raffia and chalk (pennies)

S’more Drinks!

Fall is coming. Don’t argue, it is inevitable anyways. I think a S’moretini gift is perfect! Take a look:

Mini Hershey bar
Mini graham cracker pack
Munch pack of mini marshmallows (by Nabisco; so cute!)
50 ML bottle of 99 Whipped Liqueur ($1.99 @ Binny’s)
Martini glass from the Dollar Store

Wrap this up in a clear gift bag with a ribbon and attach the printable recipe I created below. Add in mini bottles of Godiva liqueur and Bailey’s if you want to go over the top!

Last but not least…the day after drink!

Sunday Bloody Sunday

I love a good Bloody Mary. I can’t tell you how many times this drink has brought me back from the dead. Pick from the ingredient list below and wrap with a Dollar Store tall glass!

Must Haves:
Mini Can of V8
Mini bottle of Vodka
Tall glass

Slim Jim or Beef Jerkey
Cheddar Cheese
Mini Tabasco bottle (available at Cost Plus World Market)
Pepper shaker or other seasoning
Lemons or Limes
Mini jar of olives
Jar or clove of garlic
Anchovies or clams

Party on.



  1. August 17, 2012 / 11:14 pm

    You rock out loud!! So cool, creative, crafty and content (due to consumption)! haha! What a great explanation of #FirewaterFriday So fun!

    • August 17, 2012 / 11:20 pm

      THANKS JP! Can't wait to give away some fabulous FirewaterFriday gift baskets. Funny, the ad that popped up on this page is for a "Last Call Program" for drinking problems. LOL!!