Finding Focus in 2021

2020 was the year of…WTF. Of filling time, finding hobbies, and jumping from fire to fire, struggling to put it all out before your world burned to the ground. Or maybe that’s just me. Finding focus in 2021 is my main goal. What have I learned from the Fyre Festival of 2020 that I can put to good use in 2021? What did I love doing? What did I despise with the passion of a million eyeroll memes? Here are a few ways I am setting out to find that focus!

Finding Focus in 2021 Title

Finding Focus in Your Work Life

Maybe 2020 stole your job. Maybe it stole your will to do the job you currently do. Maybe you just discovered your love for botany and want to figure out a way to make that your focus.

2020 brought a new business into my life, and I couldn’t be more excited about the prospect of bringing focus and form to the concept we created. The Well Curated, a customized gifting and experience company, is the brainchild of my friend and PR mastermind Kelli and me. We launched in October and used the last three months of 2020 to test our services, branding, packaging, and more.

A product crossed my desk last week that I am excited to put to good use. See it to Life is branded as “a card deck that helps you turn bright ideas into actionable vision.” YESSSSS. I can’t tell you how many times I have come up with a brilliant idea (ALWAYS in the shower) and either couldn’t articulate it or figure out the next steps.

See It To Life Ideation Deck

See it to Life is like therapy for entrepreneurs. When I am in a therapy session, my therapist’s goal isn’t to just tell me what to do. I wouldn’t learn or grow from that strategy, and the answer wouldn’t come from within. She asks questions that gently guide me to the answers so I can discover them on my own, using my own intimate knowledge of my life and principles to discover what path I need to take.

This brand builder helps you create a well-rounded vision of your idea. From a backstory to mascots, music to beliefs, you can check most of the boxes in ideation and strategy. I can’t wait to use this with my business partner, because it is designed to be used both solo and in a team setting!

Finding Focus in Your Love Life

Are you perfectly content with your current situation? Even if you answered yes, there is always room for improvement. My incredibly insightful friend Bela Gandhi, founder of Smart Dating Academy, is like a personal trainer for your love life.

Finding Focus in Your Love Life

With date coaching, photo + profile assistance, webinars, online love labs and so much more, Smart Dating Academy has cracked the code on paving the path to love and here to serve ready and willing participants.

In your love life and in other areas of your life, education can help you find your focus. I firmly believe that the more you know yourself and the more you know both what you DO want as well as what you DON’T want, the faster you will find love. Bela’s blog is chock full of free tips, strategies, and stories.

Finding Focus in Your Food

Fries. Pizza. Ice cream. Chips and cheese. Champagne. Champagne. Champagne (one glass a day but STILL…). Those were my vices of 2020. I would do ok for a while, then start the slippery slope of food prep laziness and go for the ease of microwaving tortilla chips with melted cheese for dinner (it is my FAVORITE FOOD…salty, cheesy, easy to make) with a glass of bubbly. And bingeing on Netflix was preferable to masking up and heading to the climbing gym.

For 2021, my focus isn’t on going vegan or cutting calories to a meager 1,000 per day, nor is it running miles (I despise running, but love walking) or toning my abs to a gorgeous 4 pack (LBH, a 6 pack isn’t in the cards…ever, and I’m cool with that). It is to make small changes, one at a time, and build upon those.

I have worked with almost every meal kit delivery service out there. I truly love them, but since I only have my children 50% of the time, meal planning is a bit of a hit-or-miss operation. I have to adjust the amount of food that I am cooking on a daily basis.

Finding Focus in Food

For me, grocery shopping online is a time and money saver. I used to be a diehard Peapod customer but since they exited the Midwest (seriously, bring it back) I have been using Amazon Fresh. Their prices are comparable to traditional brick and mortar grocery stores, delivery is free with my Prime membership, and all I pay is a tip. I am thinking of giving eMeals a try- for $4.99 per month (yearly membership rate), they plan your meals and send the grocery list to Amazon Fresh, Instacart, Walmart, Kroger, or Shipt. I just need regular meal ideas that are healthy, balanced and don’t come frozen in a circle.

Finding Focus in Your Physical Health

As for working out, I do much better in-person with a committed, weekly time than I do working out at home. I attend a weekly in-person group session at Krystal’s Body Shop (masked, distanced, with airflow via garage door) and use her Virtual Bootcamp videos the rest of the week. Her Virtual Bootcamp is only $50/month, and she runs live sessions on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings which can help keep you accountable. OR you can watch the replay any time during the month and workout on your own time.

Finding Focus in Physical Fitness

I also adore Yoga with Adriene. My goal for 2021 is to incorporate yoga at least once a week if not twice. I finally realized that the goal of yoga isn’t to sculpt a hot bod but to focus on self-care, breathing, stretching, and your mental game. Her YouTube channel is free, quirky, and cute, and she isn’t all woo-woo. I also love that she provides yoga of different lengths and focus, letting me off the hook for those 1-hour sessions that I give up on before I start.

Finding Focus in Your Mental Health

2020 wasn’t a mindf*ck of a year, right? You might have thought your life was rock solid, only to have things you depended upon for years come tumbling down. Loss of jobs. Loss of loved ones. Loss of confidence. So. Much. Loss. And how have you dealt with it? By heading to the coffee shop with a friend for a lengthy, meaningful conversation, huddled together over steaming lattes? Nope. You can’t be face to face OR go to your favorite feel-good cafe.

How in the hell are you supposed to deal with ALL OF THE THINGS when your go-to methods are shot?

I am here to tell you that therapy works….BUT only if you work hard at it. Don’t walk in expecting a therapist to map out your life plan or diagnose you and make three suggestions to get you back on track. It ain’t like that, friend.

Every time I have an appointment with my current therapist, I have made a list of things I am curious about, want to work on, or have discovered about myself and others. It is an active process, and you need to be an active participant. I think that my previous therapy sessions with other therapists didn’t work because I wasn’t honest with myself. There were things I wasn’t ready to discover or disclose or confront.

If you are new to therapy, it is easier than ever to dive in. Sites like BetterHelp offer online therapy sessions for a fraction of the cost of in-person sessions. Want something in-person? Search a neighborhood Facebook group for recommendations, or ask for one from people you trust. And it is ok to not vibe with the first therapist you visit. You need to find one that works for you, can communicate effectively with a method you are comfortable with, and one whom you respect. (I had a therapist once who was NOT my cup of tea- I visited her once and didn’t make a follow-up appointment. It happens).

Finding Focus in your mental health

Cheers to to finding focus in 2021, as well as a sense of peace with who you are, where you are at, and where you are headed. Remember- no one has it all together, they just look like it on social media!