#FashionFriday: Hashtag Blessed

Hashtag Blessed. You see this phrase ALL over the social media stratosphere, in pop songs (thank you Bruno Mars for 24K Magic!), and from tweens in an ironic sense. But really, what does blessed mean?


With the Thanksgiving holiday rolling around, mixed feelings from families of all types are brewing. If you have the “perfect” nuclear family where everyone gets along and your only worries are when Aunt Mavis brings her famous (horrific) green bean casserole and Uncle Frank O.D.s a little on the Coors Light, then you might be completely looking forward to this festive feast.

On the other hand, if there is a tense undertone to most of your family gatherings due to things said OR unsaid, you might be dreading this day.

My family isn’t perfect. We don’t have Situation A, where everyone gets along, sings Kumbaya and stays past dinner snoozing on the couch like we did when I was a kid. I don’t need to go into details because…um…it is private, and this is the Internet after all. Just know that I feel your familial pain, but want to give you a glimmer of hope so you can get a little of that Hashtag Blessed magic.

You can either let your situation define you, or redefine your situation. Last year, we did Friendsgiving on the Saturday after Thanksgiving and it ROCKED. We piled all of the kids at one table to duke it out and gathered the adults at the other. Each of us brought our favorite food and ate/drank as much as we damn well pleased (helps that our friends are all within walking distance).

I looked around the table. I wasn’t sad that night about any issues within my own family. These friends had seen me at my worst- emotionally and physically (think ugly, UGLY cry). They are at every one of my children’s birthday parties, their kids hold my kids’ hands as they walk along. These friends are indeed my family.

If you have a difficult family situation, redefine it. Celebrate with those that lift you up. Remember, the actual day of Thanksgiving is just that- a random day. Buck the tradition, have some humor, and stay off social media. Host your own “Hashtag Blessed” celebration with those that make you feel just that- BLESSED. The ones that you can call when the going gets tough, when you forget to pick up your kid and are all the way across town. The ones that bring you soup when you are sick and drinks when you are down. If those people are your blood relatives, fabulous. If they aren’t, that’s cool too.

Now for a little lighter fare- what to WEAR to your holiday event!

Wear what makes you happy. Do you have a favorite skirt that you only wear on the appropriate occasions? Pair it with a fitted t-shirt if your family typically dresses down.

I found this fabulous t-shirt on Cents of Style and paired it with my favorite leopard midi full skirt. Heels will be kicked off after 15 minutes or less. Glasses just in case I fall asleep on the couch (plus they match the skirt!). Want to grab this shirt for free? It is complimentary with any $25 purchase on Cents of Style through Sunday using code THANKFUL1.

A dark lip to add a little mod depth to the whole outfit and a sleek, high bun for fast hair.  Pop on some statement earrings. I took 5 minutes to get dressed for this shot. FIVE minutes. So excited to rock it at this year’s Friendsgiving!

Shop this post to create your own Friendsgiving/Hashtag Blessed look!

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  1. November 10, 2016 / 12:45 pm

    Simply love it! I usually wear midi frocks and skirts, I guess this leopard denim version will be perfect for the weekend.