Fall Beauty Preview: #LoveIsOn with Revlon

You might have seen a mention recently of a Revlon campaign I was participating in. When I was invited to the Revlon #LoveIsOn booth at the Taste of Chicago, I thought I would be sampling some of the new Fall lipstick shades and dabbing on a new coat of nail polish. Little did I know that I would in fact get to be a Revlon girl for the day! I joined a few of my favorite beauty and style bloggers for this once in a lifetime adventure.

Photo credit: ChicagonistaLIVE!
Photo credit: ChicagonistaLIVE!

Check out this amazing YouTube video for our day of beauty! Walgreens and Revlon will be using this for their fall campaign, so you get a sneak peek. A HUGE thanks to the talented crew at ChicagonistaLIVE! for putting this together:

The Revlon Pop Up Shop was incredible- they actually had a full display which was almost an exact copy of the ones in Walgreens where you could see all the products offered. Make up experts were on hand to provide tips, tricks, and suggestions to those who stopped in. Here are a few of the tips they shared with me!

Revlon #LoveIsOn Tip #1: Dot your concealer where needed then blend with a brush.

Revlon #LoveIsOn Tip #2: To “fill” your powder foundation brush, dab it in the powder then tap the end of the brush on the table.

 Revlon #LoveIsOn Tip #3: Use yellow eyeliner on your lower waterline to make your eyes pop!

Revlon #LoveIsOn Tip #4: Add a thin line of glitter at the lashes for a high sparkle impact.

Revlon #LoveIsOn Tip #5: When applying blush, don’t “buff” it on- tap it instead.

Here is Revlon’s fall lineup! The trend report has arrived, it is all about rich, bold shades like deep reds, rich marsalas, dramatic bronzed nudes and dusty pinks.

ALL of these gorgeous Revlon products are available at Walgreens- from August 16th-22nd, you can get them at hot prices. 

I can’t tell you how much fun I had with this crew- thank to you to my fellow fashion and style bloggers who never fail to make me laugh as I bumble my way through a photo shoot and of course, to the ChicagonistaLIVE! crew who continues to amaze me every time we connect.



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