Fall Beauty and Wellness Essentials

Fall calls for a refresh. We are all getting back into routines, and paying more attention to things we might have neglected over the carefree summer days. Here are some fall beauty and wellness products that will help you get back on track, and maintain that healthy summer glow and mentality as the days get shorter and your to-do lists get longer!

Stock Your Spa Staycation

I am planning a pre-holiday spa staycation with a few friends this fall. We decided that we required a little preemptive strike to prepare for the onslaught of holiday expectations, events and energy needed to navigate the potholes and speed bumps that occur.

Spa Staycation Products

World Market is my go-to store when I grab group gifts for friends, especially in the self-care, beauty or decor categories. They have completely luxe robes, like the one pictured here- velvety soft, and it feels truly high end. I also picked up some shower steamers, which have been all over social media. They are like a fragrant bath bomb for the shower- simply place them in your shower and as the water hits, they release the botanical scents.

I also love sheet masks, and they have a very worldly selection, including these Jayjun Korean Beauty Intensive 3-Step Masks. It comes with three separate products in one package- an essence, a mask and an eye cream. I plan on brewing some fall tea and sipping around a fire as we let these masks work their magic!

Other items like Linen Spray and Bubble Bath make perfect birthday, housewarming or just because gifts.

Baby Must-Haves

There are some cult favorite products that a great deal of moms use, and Mommy’s Bliss Gripe Water is one of them. Having a baby with stomach discomfort or *gasp* colic is frustrating for everyone involved. They just came out with Organic Mommy’s Bliss Gripe Water Gel, which means no more fumbling for a dropper or spills in the diaper bag. They also have a night time version that includes Bedtime Bliss to help baby drift off to lala land a little easier.

Gripe Water Gel

Looking for the perfect swaddle? This one is highly rated and allows your baby to sleep in their natural position- with their arms up by their head! I remember when I swaddled my kids, and their arms would inevitably pop out from the swaddle and migrate towards their head. Grab this Swaddle UP Transition Bag so your baby can sleep easier (and you can too!).

I always wished we had a dog when my kids were in a high chair eating because I wanted someone to clean up all of the food that they dropped! I love this OXO Roll Up Bib that catches every Cheerio and crumb that misses their mouth.

Best Baby Bib

Sippy cups can also make messes- so many leak, are difficult to clean, or just plain don’t work. The OXO Tot Transitions Cup is a top pick, mainly for the leak-proof, easy-to-sip design. It is a snap to clean, and the handles come off so it can fit into a cup holder!

Best Sippy Cup

Menopause Essentials

For all the ladies in the place…yeah, menopause happens, and people rarely talk about the side effects of this major life change. Seasons change in nature, and they do in our lives as well. Our Kindra, a modern wellness brand for menopause essentials, offers must-haves that are plant-powered, estrogen-free, and science-backed.

Menopause Wellness

Kindra’s best- selling, cult favorite Daily Vaginal Lotion, available at OurKindra.com, boasts a trifecta of skin-critical, restorative lipids – including coconut, safflower, sunflower oils – for maximum skin hydration and long-lasting comfort during your everyday life and intimate relationships.

Summer Glow Extender

When you have a product where one is sold every MINUTE world-wide, you know it is goooooood. Iconic London, one of the hottest brands in the UK, has a star product in their lineup called The Illuminator is concentrated and versatile;  it can be added to foundation, primer or moisturizer for a sheer, subtle glow. I have been using it for the past week mixed with my CC Cream and it has completely given me a golden girl complexion (the Cali kind, not the Rose-Blanche-Sofia kind).

The Illuminator- Iconic London

All the IT women like J-Lo, Ariana Grande, and even Michelle Obama all wear this product. A little goes a long way, and I am going to keep this in my rotation through the fall.

Cheers to stocking up on some new and standby products for the fall that keep us happy, healthy and well!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are honest and my own as always.