Faking 8 hours of sleep…and my part-time job collection

I have had (almost) every single part time job imaginable; I used to collect them like my friends collected nail polish or boyfriends. I would have up to 3 part time jobs in addition to my full time jobs at one time. Again, why you ask? Partly because I loved the extra income, and partly because I loved doing something different outside of my daily routine. One of my part time jobs was a make-up consultant for one of the biggest make-up manufacturers out there. No names mentioned…but they put the “cult” in culture. I did, however, learn some invaluable tips about applying eye make-up that I have scattered throughout this post. In my opinion, expertly applied eye make-up makes a huge difference between Ambien sleep and baby monitor obsession sleep.

Moisturize and Conceal

First, moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Nothing ages you faster than having dry skin; dry skin around the eyes creates those fine lines and wrinkles. Eye cream before you go to bed, then a combo eye cream/concealer in the morning to cover up those nasty bags. My two favorites:

Olay Regenerist Eye Regenerating Cream + Touch of Concealer- $15.99
Neutrogena 3-in-1 Concealer for Eyes- $7.83

I love any type of combo products…the less I have to buy/apply the better for my wallet and time schedule. The Olay cream has immediate benefits (concealer) and long-term benefits as well; it lightens the dark circles over time. The Neutrogena product in a concealer, hydrating cream and SPF 20.

***Tip: DAB the moisturizer or concealer on with your ring finger instead of smearing it on. Why? Smearing it on tugs at the incredibly sensitive tissue below your eyes and causes premature wrinkles and aging. Why the ring finger? Put your hand down on the table and lift each finger individually. Which is the most difficult to lift by itself? Yep, the ring finger. The tendons in the ring finger are shared with the middle finger, and it makes the ring finger a great GENTLE tool to apply concealer.

Bring the Base

One of the biggest eye make-up messes I see is creased eye shadow. Don’t believe in primer/base for your eyeshadow? Easiest way to see the difference is to swipe some on the back of your hand, then swipe some heavily-pigmented eyeshadow over it, and add another swipe on a non-primed part of your hand. See the difference? I have used a few different types- some creamy, some clear, and this seems to be the winner:

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion- $19

This comes in 4 different colors: Eden- a nude matte, Greed- a shimmering yellow gold, Original- nude, dries clear, and Sin- champagne shimmer.

There are so many eyeshadows out there that I won’t even go into which are the best. As long as you use a base/primer, most shadows will perform.

***Tip: When applying eyeshadow, DO NOT use your finger to clean up stray powder that migrated outside the lines. The oil on your fingertip will adhere to the powder, causing it to stick to your skin. Use a Q-tip to dust away excess shadow.

Line it Up

I have seen some REALLY bad liner jobs- if you don’t have a steady hand or are clueless, get some help. Nothing makes you look worse than jagged, messy eyeliner. Liquid is for pros, but there are some marker-type applicators out there that help us mere mortals. For everyday liner, I stick with a combo of creamy mechanical pencil-types and eyeshadow with a angled brush to fill in any gaps and create a smudged look.

Sonia Kashuk Jet Set Liquid Liner- $5.99
Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer- $5.29

***Tip: Don’t use an actual “pencil” for eyeliner, go with a mechanical version. First of all, the wood in the pencil can become sharp and uneven, possibly scratching your lid. Second, when you sharpen the pencil, half of your liner goes with it! Also, I used to use that amazing smudger that goes with some of the mechanicals until I thought about it- tugging=wrinkles. The best way to get eyeliner to apply in a smooth fashion? Heat up the liner with a short blast from your hairdryer or even your breath in a pinch. 


Take the two seconds to curl your lashes before you apply mascara. Give it three squeezes- one at the base, one in the middle and one at the ends.

***Tip: Blast your eyelash curler with your blow dryer for a few seconds before curling. Tap it on the inside of your wrist to make sure it isn’t too hot first.


Ugh, tame those brows! I am often guilty of neglecting this one. Brush them, trim them up, pluck, do whatever you have to do to get them under control.

***Tip: Make sure to use a stiff-bristled brush to brush the base or loose/pressed powder off of your eyebrows after you complete your face. You will be amazed at how much get stuck in there, and how it makes those brows disappear!


I could apply ten coats of mascara I love it so much. Use a volumizing formula (I love Lash Blast; I have yet to try The Falsies, which I hear is fantastic!) 

***Tip: Wiggle the mascara when applying to get all lashes. When coating lower lashes (if that’s your thing), hold the wand vertical to grab those little ones.

The Falsies by Maybelline- $6.39