Easy Fall Fashion Updates

We are in that tiny sliver of weather in the Midwest that qualifies as fall. You know the one- you leave the house in the morning in ten layers, and by the afternoon you are stripped down to shorts and a t-shirt? Or vice versa? It is time to update your wardrobe. Ditch anything that doesn’t fit properly or has a stain that you SWEAR you can get out…eventually. I just donated three garbage bags full of pre-pandemic clothes that I know aren’t my aesthetic anymore (read: they aren’t functional/are super uncomfortable). Here are some easy fall fashion updates for the whole family that will give you a leg up on looking lovely in the chillier months to come.

Kids: Self-Expression with Accessories

As a child, I remember sitting in front of my mom’s jewelry cabinet for hours and trying on all of her jewelry. The long beaded necklaces, the delicate gold chains, the broches. It was absolute heaven for me to experiment with different styles. I caught my daughter and her friend doing the same thing in my room a few weeks ago, and it warmed my heart. For children, this is often a rite of passage- playing dress up, experimenting.

Accessories for kids

Calico Sun, from the brand OOLY, just launched in September of this year. Their line of colorful, upbeat and kid-focused jewlery and accessories is the perfect way to let your children start exploring self-expression through what they wear. Rockets, cherries, paper airplanes, unicorns…they have a wide array of adorable mix-and-match pieces, perfect for fall fashion updates.

All pieces retail for $11.99, and would also make the cutest holiday gifts!

Men: #WFH Outfit, but Make It Pulled Together

Whoa. Guys. Has the Work From Home movement caused your style to become sloppy? Do you laze about all day in a rotation of 90s concert t-shirts that have…seen better days? Yes, I know that you want to be comfortable. I know that you might not see another human being who seemingly cares what you look like for days on end. BUT. Often, if you look better, you feel better. And times have definitely changed from the days of super-starched shirts that crackle when you move. Of days when you made weekly trips to the dry cleaner (wait, when’s the last time you hit THAT place up?).

mens dress shirts

Mizzen+Main is a menswear brand that has converted the mens dresswear industry from stiff, uncomfortable, sweat-inducing attire that you can’t wait to peel off after a long day to moisture-wicking, breathable, stretchy pieces that once you pu on, you won’t want to take off.

I received a couple of these shirts for my boyfriend to try. When I felt the fabric, it was a jolt- I have never felt a mens button down shirt like this before. I remember my dad wearing crusty cotton button-downs, his neck red after chafing all day against the collar. I remember my mom refusing to wash and iron all of his shirts (YAYS QUEEN) and insisting that he outsource to the dry cleaner because that was a freakin’ second job keeping those in tip top, wrinkle-free shape.

Mizzen+Main shirts are wrinkle resistant AND machine-washable, meaning no more spending time and money on dry cleaning. And think about it, over the lifetime of a cotton dress shirt- how much DO you spend on dry cleaning? These shirts are incredibly comfortable, and are versatile enough to wear to the office, on a work Zoom, out to dinner, or to a family pumpkin patch outing. Again, saving money on not having to purchase separate attire for work + play.

HEELS ARE BACK. (But only if they are comfy)

Ladies. Quick. When was the last time you wore heels? I JUST started creeping back into the heel-wearing phase, and my feet are not so forgiving after wearing sneakers for oh, 18 months. I am ready to invest in a quality pair of pumps that will stand the test of time, and will let me walk without hobbling 50 feet down the sidewalk on my way to dinner. Secret confession: I have a brand spanking new pair of Louboutins that I have never worn outside of my home. BECAUSE THEY HURT SO DAMN MUCH.

Women's booties

I received a sample of Elizee booties to check out, and loved the concept immediately. The brand represents slow fashion- sustainable, built to last, the opposite of the fast fashion trend where it goes out of style/wears out quickly. Each pair of shoes is handmade in a single family-owned factory in Italy, filled with artisans who have been crafting quality footwear for generations. And comfort? They feature a Plush Contour insole, buttery soft Italian leather (no plastic here), extra room in the toe box, and a secure, supportive footbed.

I’m trying to decide between the Adriana open-toe heel and the Deia bootie- they might just be a Christmas gift to myself!

Cheers to easy fall fashion updates for the entire family focusing on comfort and self-expression!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are honest and my own, as always!