DYO (Design Your Own) Jewelry

My grandma loved jewelry. I remember her bracelets jangling and rings flashing as she played the piano during Christmas parties. I distinctly recall picking her up for dinner and admiring the ropes of gold around her neck with coordinating earrings. She had Style and expressed that through her accessories. When she passed away years ago, I received her collection of jewelry. When I opened the bags containing her items, memories came rushing back that were attached to each piece. Every time I slip on her ruby ring (seen in the photo below) or clip on her vintage earrings, I smile knowing how much she must love seeing me wear what she cherished all those years.

Her love of all things glittery and gold must have passed down to me, because I also adore jewelry. Vintage, modern, DIY, costume, fine, I just love it all. One thing that I must note, though, is that my classic investment pieces are the ones I keep coming back to. These are the pieces that I will pass down to my children, and are the pieces with which my memories are entwined.

I recently had the opportunity to review Anjolee.com, the only customizable website that allows buyers to custom-build jewelry designs based upon style and budget. Have you ever gone into a jeweler and thought- that piece would be gorgeous in yellow gold? Or, good lord I don’t need a 3 carat ring, shrink that down so I can afford it! I usually get freaked out at the jeweler, especially since they rarely have the actual price listed on the pieces under glass. When I shopped Anjolee, I was able to adjust the metals and carat quality/size and see how it affects the overall cost, all in the comfort of my own home.

I selected a pair of stud earrings that I can see Charlotte, my daughter, wearing decades from now- Amethyst stone surrounded by diamonds. They are classic with a colorful twist, but still clean in design.

I used the customization tools to determine which details will look best. I noticed that there was a “Jeweler’s Advice” button that will even apply the advised metals and carats if you wish! I have ordered earrings online before and when they came, they were either MASSIVE or so teeny tiny that I thought, why bother? With Anjolee, they have a “3D Visualize” feature that will put the earrings on a virtual person so you can see how they will look.

Not interested in stud earrings? They have a massive assortment of other fine bling:
Wedding and Anniversary Bands
Dangle and Hoop Earrings
Tennis, Bangle and Men’s Bracelets
Necklaces and Pendants

The diamond bangle bracelets are gorgeous- they even offer flexible bracelets for those of us whose wrists usually can’t handle traditional bangles.

In need of some solid education? They offer a massive and comprehensive section that isn’t simply an advertisement for their products- it is unbiased info.

What types of investment pieces do you prefer? Do you look forward to handing your favorite pieces down?

Disclosure: I was provided with a pair of earrings for review purposes; all opinions are honest and my own.