Dîner en Blanc: Menswear Demystified

Gals, we know that we can all pull together a stunning all-white outfit at a moment’s notice. We are like the MacGyvers of the fashion world- give us a white trash bag, some string and a paperclip and we can whip up a high-fashion couture gown. Now the men? Eh…not so much. There is a bit of planning involved. Here is how I dressed my husband for Dîner en Blanc and where I shopped for his ensemble! To find out more about the items in the images, get the details on my Polyvore page.

First of all, my husband is 6’5″ with an athletic build. Finding everyday clothes is a challenge in and of itself for him, much less an all white outfit for Dîner en Blanc. I headed to Kohl’s website because their Big and Tall collection is one of the most complete out there, and you won’t spend a fortune. There is ALWAYS a sale. Here are some options, most of which are under $50. They have everything from golf pants to white suit pants to linen pants to twill:

Dîner en Blanc: Mens White Pants | all dressed up with nothing to drink...

Now for the shoes. Again, my husband wears a 14, so I can’t exactly head to most regular stores to pick up a quick pair. My source? Zappos. No, you won’t find the best price but you will get free 1 business day shipping and free returns. For him, quality shoes are a must-have. If your date has massive feet, check out the Stacy Adams brand.

Dîner en Blanc: Mens White Shoes | all dressed up with nothing to drink...

Most of these shoes are right around $60; not too shabby! (Thankfully, we are at the end of the traditional white season so can get some super steals).

The shirt. My husband wears a suit to work every day, so he has about a hundred collared shirts. My preference is either a french cuff white on white stripe or a linen shirt. Here are some options, including Banana Republic, Kohls, Macy’s, and H&M.

Dîner en Blanc: Mens White Shirts | all dressed up with nothing to drink...

Again, most everything white is on sale. You can get a great linen shirt from Everlane for $55 (I have heard great things about Everlane- please let me know if you have tried it!!).

Dîner en Blanc: Mens White Accessories | all dressed up with nothing to drink...

Belts and socks (if needed, naturally) are the two last things on the list, but other accessories like hats, ties, and wait for it…a cane could be fun extras. These are the two I totally forgot about, and no…white gym socks aren’t exactly en vogue for this event. I found two places to purchase white dress socks: Stacy Adams and Destination XL.

What is your date donning for Dîner en Blanc?