Dîner en Blanc: How To Schlep Your Stuff

I have been getting a lot of questions from people regarding Dîner en Blanc- the biggest is: How in the world do I get all my stuff to the final location?

I get it- there is a lot of preparation and a lot of stuff to take with you (but from what I have heard, it is all worth it!). My idea? If you are a parent, you most likely have a Snap N’ Go. If you aren’t a parent, you might have no clue what I am talking about, so here: it is a frame stroller that you can pop your infant car seat into. It will fit your chairs, table, linens, and picnic basket (and yes, I still need to spray paint the basket white):

Dîner en Blanc set up | all dressed up with nothing to drink... 

The Snap N’ Go folds up and fits under your table- you can’t even tell it is there once you put the table cloth on (and you can stand it up on its side so you can actually sit at the table).

Dîner en Blanc table and cart | all dressed up with nothing to drink...

Dîner en Blanc table and chairs | all dressed up with nothing to drink...

If you don’t have a Snap N’ Go to use at Dîner en Blanc, there are a few other portable options. I also have a foldable hand truck (we have moved a LOT and it comes in handy). Not a bad price- around $26 with free shipping on Amazon. Click on the image to check it out:

Another option is the Qube Cart- it folds down totally flat and can carry up to 80 lbs. For around $36 I think this would come in handy in the future (think grocery shopping, bringing stuff to kid’s sporting events, etc…). It also doubles as a seat when the lid is locked on, and the lid connects to the front when not in use:

How are you going to carry everything? Share your ideas with me, I would love to hear from you!

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