Cocktails and Confidence

In what I do, confidence is a pretty big deal. When I started blogging over 5 years ago, I had zero confidence. My life had changed quite drastically, going from cocktails ’til 4am in the city to nursing a newborn at 4am.

Man, my confidence took a hit. I took on a job I had no clue how to do (mom) in a body that wasn’t mine (oh, you mean I can’t walk out of the hospital in my pre-pregnancy jeans??), and I wasn’t mentally ok after suffering from a debilitating round of postpartum anxiety. I started this blog when I was pregnant as a way to keep my sense of self and style while being a mom, but I couldn’t even practice what I preached. I was a mess.

Here’s me with my newborn, trying to smile and not lose it. Oh, and newborns are great for covering up a tummy I quickly figured out.

Eventually, I figured out how to be a mom. Especially when I realized that no one truly knows what they are doing at first. And cocktails. Cocktails helped. Especially when I was super sober for 9 months prior.

I lost the baby weight. Although my body looked different, the weight came off.

The mental game? That took a while. I saw a therapist, which helped immensely. I also started to enjoy getting dressed in the morning and sharing my fashion and beauty finds with other moms. I eventually got my confidence back, which is one of the best feelings in the world. I am now excited for photo shoots, can effectively promote myself because I believe in what I do, and am still helping others in my own way. I also found groups of women who have the confidence and drive to accomplish amazing things and am fortunate to call them my friends.

Along the way, I met Katey who is a Partner and Founding Stylist at Peach, which is a new intimates company (think…what is in your top two drawers at home) that has revolutionized the way women shop. You can actually have a video appointment or an at home appointment with one of their stylists, so no more dressing room drama. They can measure you, recommend the best products for your body type, and help you feel more confident in your own skin and wardrobe.

Katey styled me at a Peach Pop Up event downtown where I had Charlotte in tow. She looked past Char’s whining, diaper changes and my anxiety (Katey is a mom as well, she gets it) and helped me find a few pieces that FIT for once after having a baby! I can tell you this- what is under the clothes are sometimes more important than the clothes themselves. VPL, anyone??!

Katey is throwing a little Peach bash this Thursday in my hometown: Cocktails + Confidence with Peach at Valley Lodge Wilmette from 7-10pm. The event will discuss the power of confidence in driving successful business, and of course you can shop the Peach line as well! So join Katey and I, grab a cocktail, and get ready to feel GOOD about yourself, both in a bra and business 😉