Best Gifts for New Moms

As a new mom, you love getting adorable outfits and toys to distract your little one while you snatch 2 minutes for yourself. If you are looking for an alternative gift to give a new mom, here are a few that she might miss a nap for!

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Ok, so there is no manual for raising children, but I have found so much interesting and valid info in Parents magazine. It is a much more credible source for all things child than Google (admit it- we have all been up at 2am plugging key words into Google, trying to figure out what the hell is wrong with our kid and how to fix it). To find awesome prices on magazines, head to The most current search for Parents magazine was listed at $0.23 per issue.


As a new mom, you get SOOOO many things for baby which of course, is whom the gifts should be given to…BUT there is another person in the equation who deserves a little something so she doesn’t go insane. Gift certificates for a mani/pedi or massage (NOTE: Some massage places require a doctor’s note post-partum) are multi-purpose: they pamper the mom, give her an excuse to actually leave the house ALONE, and if she is a new SAHM they don’t cause worry about spending money that she isn’t making anymore.  She most likely won’t splurge on herself for a while, so do it for her! Another gift certificate that helps is one for new clothes. She won’t be fitting into her old ones any time soon and is going to feel like crap about that fact. She won’t want to ever see her maternity clothing again. She needs some interim wear.

Feed ME!

The last thing you want to do after having a baby is make dinner for your family. If you are breastfeeding, you are already making food for one 24/7. There are many places where you can put together dinners yourself, or have them ready-made to either pick up & drop off or delivered to the new mom. One site is:


Plain and simple. She gave up the one thing that would probably have helped calm those hormonal roller coasters that made her an unrecognizable she-devil. Give the woman a cocktail!

Laughter- The Best Medicine

My good friend K. gave me this book shortly after everything that could go wrong did. Some people say the Bible gives them inspiration and salvation. I say this book does. Sippy Cups Are Not for Chardonnay is a timeless classic:

Another book that definitely deserves a mention is The Kid Dictionary. The author Eric Ruhalter first turned me on to this book by tweeting some of the Dictionary definitions. My favorite so far that I can relate to: WARDRODEO n :The difficult chore of dressing a squirming uncooperative toddler Check out his chuckle-worthy YouTube video and follow him on Twitter @KidDictionary! Oh yeah, and make sure to buy his book for the new mom that can only function at a level where she vacillates between fits of laughter that turn into uncontrollable sobbing from sleep deprivation. Been there.