5 Shows to Binge Watch This Winter

Binge watching seems to be the universal winter sport of the Midwest. It gets dark at like 4pm, the Fall shows have wrapped, and the subzero temps encourage a long stretch of hibernation. At the end of the day, all I want to do is zone out on the couch and watch something that won’t make me wish for those hours back. I just bought an air popper so I can feel less guilty about the amount of popcorn I consume on a nightly basis. I won’t go so far as to say I am lazy, I just know that I go at 110% during the day and don’t really want to make any more decisions after the kids go to bed besides “Should we watch just ONE more?”

So, turn on the fireplace, grab a cozy throw, and pour a glass of vino because there are some major TV marathons well worth breaking those New Years workout resolutions.

Here are the services you might need…if you binge fast enough, you can get away with a free trial!
Streaming Services- 
Netflix: $7.99, $9.99 or $11.99/month; 1st Month Free
Amazon Prime Video: Included with Amazon Prime- $99/year; 30-Day Free Trial
Hulu: Limited commercials- $7.99, No commercials- $11.99; 1 Week Free Trial

Making a Murderer

Similar to: Serial, The Jinx

Summary: Filmed over a 10 year period, this real-life documentary series chronicles the conviction of Steven Avery who was later exonerated by DNA tests. It details the corruption in local law enforcement and exposes the exploitation of a rural class man.

Why it is so addicting: This is REAL life, people!! Professionals in law enforcement and the justice system are gambling with a man’s life. Reality is often more interesting than fiction.

Amazon Prime Video

Similar to: Enlightened, Six Feet Under

Summary: This “dramedy” TV series revolves around a family in LA who discovers that their father is transgender. Discoveries don’t stop there- each family member has their own revelations and secrets unveiled.

Why it is so addicting: Seeing how transgender lifestyles are not widely examined, this show is a solid glimpse into the lifestyle and challenges. Plus- the dysfunction of the other family members keeps you safe knowing that no, your family isn’t the most crazy out there.

The Mindy Project

Similar to: How I Met Your Mother, The Office

Summary: A romcom created by Mindy Kaling (who is also the star) that revolves around a female OB/GYN’s personal and professional life. The main character was inspired by Kaling’s mom, and dives from one drama into another multiple times throughout each episode.

Why it is so addicting: Lots of cringe-worthy fails by Mindy, quirky and outrageous coworkers, and an impressive lineup of guest stars. Oh, and I love her unique fashion sense!

Master of None

Similar to: Louie, Seinfeld

Summary: Created by Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang, this comedy is set in NYC with Ansari playing Dev, the main character who is a 30 year old actor that has a tough time making decisions.

Why it is so addicting: Because this could be your life, or you a decade ago. It appeals to aging Millenials who are trying to navigate adulthood while using all of the generationally unique resources available to them.

House of Cards

Similar to: The West Wing, Scandal

Summary: A political drama that centers around a Dem that gets denied for an intended office and schemes on how to climb the political ladder.

Why it is so addicting: Kevin Spacey. Is there need for any other reason? Oh, and it has earned both Emmy and Golden Globe awards.

Any other favorites I should add to this list? Let’s celebrate the art of vegging out!


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  1. January 7, 2016 / 4:23 pm

    Thanks for the suggestions. I now have to add Making of a Murderer and the rest of House of Cards to my list of shows to binge watch! And trust me, binge watching is alive and well over here in the Northeast! LOL! Anything to pass the time until Scandal comes back!