5 Easy Updates For Your Mom Uniform

I wear a “uniform” of sorts that I update according to the seasons. Fall so far has been full of vintage t-shirts, chunky wrap sweaters and slip on shoes. In itself, a uniform isn’t a bad thing- it allows you to cultivate a comfortable style that is all your own, but you can easily get stuck in a rut. Break out of your “momiform” rut and try these easy updates for the fall!

Slip On Some Sneakers

Yes, I know those white lace up sneaks that you have had forever are ultra-comfy. If you are looking for a quick wardrobe update without sacrificing comfort, try a pair of slip on sneakers instead. I am not talking Toms or Topsiders, go for the thick rubber sole and lots of cushioning. Best part? You can have your hands full with kids, groceries or cocktails and still be able to slip these on. My favorite are the classic Vans- I bought the grey and black checkerboard pattern on super sale for $29.99 instead of $46.99 on the Robert Wayne Footwear website. There are a few other patterns I am in love with- how about the Sam Edelman ‘Becker’ Calf Hair Slip-Ons? Grab them on sale right now from Nordstrom. If you want to splurge, my pick would be Kate Spade New York Slaters– who can resist bejeweled tweedy kicks?

Hop on the Slip On Trend- Save vs. Splurge

Pickle Your T-shirt

For a regular old t-shirt to get to vintage status, it has to be around for oh, about 20 years or so. I have a Mickey Mouse t-shirt that has been handed down to every member of my family. I believe it was originally my dad’s, then my mom borrowed it. My sister somehow obtained it and wore it while she was pregnant, then handed it down to me. It is super soft, with an almost burnout look in some spots. If you have a t-shirt you love but it is still in that 100% cotton too-stiff stage, vintage it up by brining it. Pour 1 quart water into a small bucket and dissolve 1/4 cup salt in it. Submerge your t-shirt for 3 days, then wash and dry. There is a store across from the Michigan State campus that sells t-shirts for a few bucks. I bought one in college and it finally gave way to becoming a holy mess. I recently purchased another, but the texture is very “American tourist tacky.” I brined it and BAM! Instant vintage T.

Here is what you need:
A bucket (your kid’s trick or treat bucket works perfectly)
4 cups water
1/2 cup salt
Lame textured t-shirt

Dissolve salt in water in the bucket and dunk your shirt. Let sit for 3 days, then wash and dry.

Instant Vintage T-Shirt: Brine It!

Don’t Chop It, Wrap It Up!

At one point, most moms get the urge to chop off all their hair. I have friends who look absolutely fabulous with a pixie cut; it fits their face shape perfectly and makes them look forever young. For those of us who can’t carry this look (ahem, this girl…let’s just say my profile can’t handle it), opt for a faux chop instead. Give the Wrap Up by Sarah Potempa a try- available at Ulta for $12. There are tons of different styles you can try, including this faux bob in the video below. You can also easily pop in a high bun, as well as “set” your hair at night (not sure how this works, but it claims you can add volume/waves by keeping this in overnight). For a holiday fête, wrap it up the opposite way and add some jeweled clips.

Ditch the Diaper Bag

I recently decided to totally ditch my diaper bag. Instead, I invested in a gorgeous (albeit massive) leather crossbody that was on super clearance at TJ Maxx (vegan leather works as well- you can go for a quilted style to hide the telltale fake leather sheen, but real leather always wears better). Pop a diaper clutch into your bag, and you are good to to! I love this super affordable clutch from Rosenberry Rooms; I would totally carry this even if it weren’t a diaper toter!

Ditch Your Diaper Bag- grab a diaper clutch!

Up Your Manicure Game

I think when your nails are done and you are wearing earrings, you just look more polished overall. These two things can surprisingly make you look pulled together. I just tried the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish and while it isn’t really a miracle…it did last longer than other polishes out there and you don’t have to use that freaky light. Sally Hansen came out with a new process for curing the gel- a chemical reaction occurs from exposure to natural light. Also, it is easy to get off- no soaking your nails in a gag-me acetone bath for hours on end. Con- the color variety isn’t as great as say, Essie, but hoping that they expand for the holidays. TIP- make sure to use the Miracle Gel top coat! I bought the grey color and applied 2 coats per instructed, but it was still a little sheer. I might go with 3 coats next time plus the top coat. They say “up to 14 days of color and shine”- it lasted at least 5 days for me, which is about 4 days longer than most of my manicures.

Must Have for Moms: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel