4th of July Party Ideas

With major events like the Navy Pier 4th of July fireworks being cancelled, some people are opting to have a low-key, at-home celebration for 4th of July. If your plans were cancelled or haven’t planned anything yet, here are some easy ideas to entertain and celebrate our nation’s Independence while incorporating red, white and blue! Make this 4th of July party one to remember.

Bring on the Games

Whether you are hanging in the backyard, kicking it on the beach or whooping it up on the rooftop, bring the indoor games outside! From card games like Cards Against Humanity Family Edition to the dice game Farkle, interacting with friends an family in different ways creates connection. One of my favorite games is Jenga, and I recently bought a Jenga Giant to have outside! I love that all ages can play, and it is a new game every time.

Snap, Crackle & Pop

My kids aren’t fans of huge fireworks, so we usually go the sparkler and snaps route. Create a Snap, Crackle & Pop station with the Snaps (Also called Bang Pops), Sparklers, and small containers of bubbles. As always, supervise kids when using these!

Red, White and Blue Grilled Cheese

You don’t have to shop around for crazy ingredients to have themed food. One of the easiest and most impressive red, white and blue foods you can make is….Grilled Cheese! Simply divide mozzarella or other light-colored shredded cheese into three bowls. Mix red food coloring in one, blue in another, and leave the last white. Make the grilled cheese like you normally would, adding the colors side-by-side.

Easy Firecracker Dogs

Food on a stick is always better! These firecracker dogs are the easiest portable snack for little hands. Simply take breadstick or crescent roll dough and cut into strips. Skewer your hot dog, and wrap dough around hot dog, leaving space to look like stripes. Place dogs on parchment paper and bake in oven until dough is lightly browned. Add a star cut out of cheese to the top!

Adult Red, White & Blue Snow Cones

I have loved snow cones since I was a little kid, and still do! At my age, though, I can’t stand artificial colors or flavors. I discovered local syrup maker Jo Snow’s all natural syrup and have been using it for years now. You can make red, white and blue boozy snow cones for the adults (and just leave out the alcohol for kid-friendly treats). Simply add your favorite liquor to the syrup, and pour over shaved ice. Serve with spoon straw.

Patriotic Watermelon “Cake”

There are so many sugary treats, and I have a hard time getting my kids to eat fruit. Why not serve it as dessert? You can make a watermelon “cake” in a few easy steps. First, trim the rind off of the watermelon, and shape it as a cylinder. Slice in half width-wise. Make frosting- use heavy whipping cream with sugar and vanilla, or use TJ’s coconut cream with powdered sugar and vanilla extract. Frost the watermelon cylinders, stacking one on top of the other. Decorate with red and blue fruit!

Cheers to celebrating the 4th of July in a fun yet low-maintenance way this year!