2024 Must Haves

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are honest and my own as always.

I am such a fan of trying out new products, and seeing how companies smash that concept of “it’s the way things have always been done!” Here are a few of my 2024 Must Haves, try them for yourself and let me know what you think!

SmartCheck® from Children’s TYLENOL®

I can’t tell you how many times I have taken my children into the doctor’s office with near certainty that they have an ear infection. I was always able to tell right away from those initial signs- irritability, tugging on their ears, and scrunching of the shoulders. Unfortunately, there is only one way to positively identify an ear infection- head into the doc’s office and let them use the scope. UNTIL NOW. Children’s Tylenol has created an at-home digital ear scope that fits over your iPhone or Andriod device, and allows you to snap a photo of their ear drum to send to the doctor.

This can be used with babies starting at 6 months, and even adults! Imagine not having to head into a germy doc’s office and being able to diagnose an ear infection from the comfort of your own home. Find more info here: Tylenol SmartCheck.

Fresh Chemistry Glow Getter Brightening Serum Set

Did you know that skincare products will often sit on shelves for nine months, in which time your skincare ingredients become stale and less effective? Fresh Chemistry has a fresh new take on delivering the most effective, potent skincare possible by letting the customer activate the ingredients at home. You pour the stabilized Vitamin C and “A-H-A” into the base and shake! That way – the ingredients are as fresh as possible for glowing skin. Head to freshchemistry.com to find out more.

Glass Hair Heat Activated Smoothing Shine Spray

The weather around Chicago has been absolute misery over the past few weeks. We have had intense fog, crazy freezing rain and just overall gloom. I haven’t actually tried to style my hair because every time I head out it immediately becomes a mess. I just discovered Glass Hair that is actually waterproof, with the latest technology silicones that don’t weigh down the hair. And it is fairly weightless, so ideal for my fine blonde hair. Give a try: Hair Proud.