2014- Trends to Try and Ones to Try to Avoid

Nail Shape- Talon

 Yikes. Have you ever tried to put in contacts when your nails have gone beyond the easy typing stage? I feel this trend will yield more damage than it is worth. Ouch. Stay with the squoval.

Lip Color- Orange

Nars Heat Wave

 I have tried every shade from berry to crimson to blush to nude, but orange? Hmm…interesting. I was at an event this summer sponsored by the Land of Nod. One of the ‘Nod girls was sporting a fetching shade of lipstick in an orangey-red. It was a total twist on the classic red lip- less formal, more fun. I complimented her on it, and she told me she saw it on the runway, tracked down the shade and brand, and it has become her signature ever since. I don’t have the coloring to pull it off, but I encourage those who do to give it a spin!

BTW– did you know there is such a thing in the world of economics called The Lipstick Effect? When the economy takes a dip, people are more willing to buy less expensive luxury goods (ie lipstick) as opposed to lavish ones (such as heels or bags).  This should give you an excuse to at least try this new trend!

Skirt Length- Midi

Alice + Olivia; I found a doppelganger at H&M last year for under $20

 I have learned that the most flattering skirt length is about 1-2 inches above the knee, so was skeptical about the midi. Here’s my take: if you are wearing flats with a midi, you will look like a midigit. Kitten heels and higher work with this length, and shoes that are close to your skin color will help your legs look longer (nudes, metallics).

Embarrassing moment-  I rocked a midi in college. Umm…(cringe) it was a fringey denim midi that caused me walk like a geisha, but I thought, hey, just suffering for my art, right? I took a face plant as I was getting onto the bus, trying to walk up the stairs. I literally couldn’t put one foot in front of the other. Lesson learned– keep this length voluminous as opposed to pencil slim, or at least have a sizable slit!

Print- Polka Dot

Kirsten Dunst at Anchorman 2 Premiere

Whoo hoo!! This pattern will never, EVER go out of style, but will always get reinvented. Whether the color, size or style changes, polka dots are a great classic addition to your wardrobe. How to wear it this spring- head to toe. If you do separate pieces, make sure to vary the sizes and keep it in a similar color family (B&W is a no-brainer). 

Denim Wash- Light

Amy & I rocking our sweet jackets!

This is my sister and I circa 1989 with matching light wash denim (ok, stonewash) jackets. I will not go there again. I once heard from a guru (not the yogi kind, but the beauty salon kind, we all know one) “If you wore the trend once, you have no place wearing it again.”

What trends are you taking up or tossing for 2014?