10 Summer Pool Essentials

This week, the kids and I flew down to Orlando to take in a little Disney magic AND hit the pool instead of the chilly Chicago weather. As I packed, I realized I had a pretty fantastic list of my top 10 pool essentials going, just in time to stock up before summer hits the Midwest!

10 Summer Pool Essentials | all dressed up with nothing to drink...

When heading to the pool, I keep a bag packed by the door all summer. There are some absolute essentials that I keep in there- sunscreen, towels, and swim diapers- but there are also a few extras that make the experience a little easier on me.

10 Summer Pool Essentials | all dressed up with nothing to drink...

1- Goldfish Swim School
Yes, I include swim lessons on my list of things to bring to the pool. If your kids are uncomfortable with the water, lessons can vastly improve a day at the pool. Charlotte (2) has learned how to paddle over to the side of the pool and get herself out, which is invaluable. Goldfish Swim School has a more play-based approach, so swim lessons aren’t a chore…and the water is like bathwater, so no more blue lips and shivvers!

10 Summer Pool Essentials- Goldfish Swim School | all dressed up with nothing to drink...

2- iPlay Snap Swim Diaper
I double bag my kids in the pool if they aren’t potty trained. My worst nightmare would be a pool closing because of something my kid…did. I like these side snap diapers because they are much easier to get on and off. I put this over the traditional disposable swim diapers and feel much more at ease!

3- Green Toys Rescue Boat with Helicopter
Every time we go to the pool, some kid has this toy and my son tries to steal it. The Green Toys brand toys are incredibly tough and are made to hang out in the water. Tons of different options are available.

4- RefresH2Go Filtered Water Bottle
You know when you are at the pool and the water out of the drinking fountain tastes a little…stale? Or chlorinated? RefresH2Go water bottles come with a filter, so the water comes out tasting fresh. Want 25% off this week? Head to their website and use the code “earthday” for a limited time to save 25% off their classic curve bottles, which holds almost double the amount of water as a standard bottle. Also, they have a new initiative called Refresh4cure, and you can select 1 of 12 water bottle colors that represent a different type of cancer. 25% of proceeds will fund that type of cancer.

10 Summer Pool Essentials- RefresH2Go Filtered Water Bottles | all dressed up with nothing to drink...

5- Aruba Mesh Beach Tote with Insulated Cooler
You know how many pools won’t let you take in outside food? Well, a lot of the time the food they serve is total junk so I still bring in my own (criminal, I know). This tote makes it easy to sneak a cooler in because the bottom of the bag IS a cooler! Mesh is also great for sandy beaches.

6- Kids Sun Hat
Yes, you kid will most likely look like a dork in a hat like this. Do you care? Eh. My son just burned his scalp this week and I feel horrible. He got a new buzz cut and I didn’t realize that it just invites sun to scorch him. This hat also protects their neck, which is an often neglected area.

7- Sunology Natural Sunscreen
Not sure if The Honest Company has reformulated or not, but the word on the #NorthShore is that everyone’s kids were getting burned even though they applied it religiously. Sunology is a fantastic natural sunscreen, and is also reef safe which makes it fabulous for those snorkeling adventures.

8- Waterproof Phone Case
Have you ever accidentally dumped your phone in the pool? SAD, sad day, right? For under ten bucks, you can seal it up in this case.

9- Puddle Jumpers
Where have these been all my life? Anyone else recall those orange inflatable water wings that hurt like hell when you tried to rip them off? Puddle Jumpers are approved by the U.S. Coast Guard, which means that they are accepted at most public pools. Also, save 20% by using code JUMPER20 for a limited time on their site!

10 Summer Pool Essentials- Puddle Jumpers | all dressed up with nothing to drink...

10- SwimZip Rash Guard Swimsuit
My kids detest sunscreen application; my son has actually renamed it “sunscream.” Rash guards allow me to apply less sunscreen, and SwimZip takes out the struggle of tugging a wet shirt on and off. I bought this for my daughter, and it is the most adorable suit- fits well, keeps its shape, and stays put in the pool.

10 Summer Pool Essentials- SwimZip | all dressed up with nothing to drink...