Fall Fashion: That 70s Show

Ladies and gentlemen...the 70's are back!! In order to keep your look from getting too costume-y, I recommend picking a classic 70's trend or two and adding some modern detail to your look. I am not one to totally jump on a bandwagon as soon as a trend hits the runway or even the streets- I like to test it out in the comfort of the grocery store or school pickup first before I fully embrace. I paired super flares (so 70's it hurts) with this fringy pendant necklace from my grandmother's costume jewelry collection for a whole lotta 70's love.


These jeans are from the Old Navy clearance rack...and before you get too excited, they are from Old Navy circa 2002. Yes, I held on to them hoping they would come back in style and surprise, surprise they did!! I keep hearing of capsule wardrobes where people get rid of everything in their closet they don't wear. My secret? I keep it all. A capsule wardrobe, while totally amazing for most people and completely makes sense, totally freaks me out. I love pulling things in from different times in my life and incorporating them into my current looks.

These are super flares, and the biggest tip I can give when wearing pants of this style are- let them almost drag on the ground. Nothing looks more awkward than seeing a flare with 6" of space between the hem and the ground. If you can't adjust the hem on your pants, adjust the height of your heel.

Outfit details:
Shirt- Ella Louvi boutique in The Glen, under $60; a HUGE staple in any closet, comes in a variety of colors and is incredibly versatile
Bralette- Coobi from Ella Louvi Boutique; I own this bra in a few colors, and it is the perfect solution to that "my tank top is too long and bunching weirdly around my waist under my blouse" issue
Jeans- Old Navy, we've discussed.
Shoes- Jessica Simpson from the Macy's super duper crazy clearance rack. (Full disclosure- these aren't the most comfortable, so I wore them just for the photo and changed into black ankle booties. But they match SOOO well!)
Necklace- vintage from my late grandmother; she had style!
Earrings- garnet studs; the first jewelry gift my husband gave to me

How do you rock that 70's look? Let me know, I am feeling the vibe this fall!


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