Talking Oscar Trends With @cleshopaholic, My Fashionable Friend

My Oscar party included a glass of Cab in a plastic wine glass (my choice, due to the unruly nature of one of my guests), a hair tie that was eerily reminiscent of a scrunchie (I forgot hair ties), and an attendee who decided to remained pantless. I was at my parent's house waaaaay up north in Michigan, where my choice in footwear hasn't wavered from my trusty Sorels in over a week. I absolutely loved my time up there, but to get an urban perspective on the Oscars, I turn to my super stylish friend S (@cleshopaholic, author of the blog Things I Luuuuurve) who was asked to run fashion commentary on the event for in Cleveland.

@CJAllDressedUp: Let's start with the most controversial, Worst Dressed Nominee, right out the gate. Thoughts? If you have a stylist and unlimited funds, do people just smile and nod at you no matter what you wear? Do these people have frenemies who support their choices to their face then secretly giggle behind their back?
@cleshopaholic: My worst dressed was Anne Hathaway, and I say this as someone who actually LIKES her. Was hers truly the worst dress on that Red Carpet? No. But hers was the worst because she was all but guaranteed to win her first Oscar and her stylist sent her down the Red Carpet in a 90's bridesmaids dress. So, I've heard the story that she switched out dresses because of Amanda Seyfried's dress, to which I go "and THAT'S what you came up with?!"  Obviously I'm not a stylist but it seems like they would have has a more Oscar-worthy backup, ideally from Valentino. But then again, what do I know?!
Anne Hathaway in Prada
 @CJAllDressedUp: SO many trends, so little time! What was your favorite trend or theme of the night?
@cleshopaholic: SPARKLES!!! There were so many fabulous sparkly outfits on the Red Carpet, my three favorite being (in no particular order) Stacey Keibler, Nicole Kidman, and Halle Berry. 
Halle Berry in Versace
@CJAllDressedUp: I think some celebs like Jennifer Aniston hit it out of the park every time, and some need a little help from their friends. What celebrity would you like to play stylist to?
@cleshopaholic: This is a tough one. At this point, I would say Lindsay Lohan because she looks like a train wreck pretty much every time she's on a Red Carpet. But then again, she really needs more than a stylist. 

@CJAllDressedUp: My biggest pet peeve is when the dress is beautiful but doesn't meet its full potential because of a hemline that doesn't hit the floor. My theory: most shoes shouldn't even be seen on the red carpet if you are wearing a long dress! What is your biggest pet peeve?

@cleshopaholic: Wrinkled dresses. This year's worst offender in this category was Helen Hunt. In situations where there's a lot of dress and sitting and standing, you need a fabric that's going to conceal wrinkles. 
Helen Hunt in H&M
@CJAllDressedUp: I know you hit up a black tie ball on Saturday night; I loved your red carpet fashion! Tell me a little about your look and what you go through to make your selections?

@cleshopaholic: My dress was ABS, acquires on My clutch was from India, shoes were Nine West, earrings were the same ones I wore on my wedding day, ring was Rebecca Minkoff and bracelet was Prabal Gurung for Target. My decision process came down the three questions:

1. Long or short ( I decided long bc it is winter after all)
2. Black or color ( I knew there would be a lot of black, so I decided to go with a jewel tone. I can't carry off pastels)
3. Budget (my goal was to stay under $150 and I believe my dress came in at $109)

The key here is to make some decisions early so you can pull the trigger the minute you see the sales!!!


  1. I also can't understand Kristen Stewart for her sloppy appearance. HORRIBLE. I mean, she's always bad, but it's just offensive at the Oscars. The wonders you two could do with her... :)

    1. Ugh, I second that one! It kills me that these celebs have teams of stylists, hair, make-up, you name it at their disposal and we mere mortals manage to pull it together on our own!


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