The Mommy Style File: 1st Birthday Bash!

Q: Pics PLEASE!!!

A: Here you go! A baby's 1st birthday party is a dual celebration: obviously, we celebrate that our child has turned one...but we also celebrate that the parents have actually survived the first year as well. After months of ridiculous planning, little b's Big Top Birthday Bash was a success! Proud to say that I got some amazing deals, and had a little Pinspiration help. Message me for a DIY tutorial on any of the pics below!


Red & White "Big Top Tent" on the deck with game tent on the lawn
Snow Cone Station with photo pennant banner and baby pics of B & I
Buffet- Burgers, Brats & Hot Dogs in a warmer, pasta salad and condiments on ice in red & white striped inflatable cooler.
Adult Beverage Station
Dessert Table with Popcorn Machine
Snow Cone Cupcakes and Big Top Smash Cake with Candy Ferris Wheel

Chocolate Mustaches, Mini Cotton Candy and Personalized Popcorn Bags


  1. How fun! I'm planning a circus party for my kiddos in two weeks! :)

    1. It is the BEST theme because it is inexpensive (hot dogs & popcorn!) and there is so much available! The biggest hit was the snow cone machine- cherry syrup for the kids, pre-made margaritas and vodka lemonade topping for the adults! Have a blast, can't wait to see pics!

  2. Where did you find the candy ferris wheel?

    1. I found it at Hobby Lobby for around $5- hope they still have them! They weren't the most durable but they worked for us!


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