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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Orange is the New Parenthood

I recently binge-watched Orange is the New Black, and I was terrified. No, I wasn't terrified by the prospect that one of my past transgressions would come to light, causing me to be tossed behind bars. Here is why I was terrified.

Orange is the New Parenthood- How Parenthood is Similar to Prison (but I love it!)

During the scene where Piper is sleeping and Crazy Eyes comes into her cube, Piper wakes to find CE peeing on her floor. I wasn't even disgusted at this, because the thought that immediately popped into my head was, "Oh Piper, do you even know how often this happens when you have children? They pee all over the damn place." THEN I became terrified, because I started drawing parallels between Orange is the New Black and well....parenthood in general. Here are the random comparisons that ran through my head:

Getting Stabbed with a Shank

Want to talk about creative weapons? Come on people! Has anyone stepped on a Lego? I stepped on Dusty Crophopper the other night and was down for the count for about an hour and walked with a limp for about a week. How about the time I got bashed in the face with Buzz Lightyear and chipped my tooth?

No Door on the Bathroom Stall

Privacy. Piper has more privacy than I do. I haven't gone to the bathroom unattended since early 2011. Showering alone? Riiiiiight. I regularly have an banging on the glass shower door, throwing sh*t fit because the Mickey Mouse Club is over, or that "Charlotte threw up...and she is playing in it..."


SHU: Solitary Housing Unit aka heaven on earth for any mom. Want to know my idea of the perfect vacation? A room by myself in a hotel with room service where I just get to sleep all the time. Umm....isn't that the same thing as the SHU?

Bad Food

Having someone cook for you, no matter the quality of the food, is infinitely better than no food, which is what happens when many moms make dinner. (Anyone else get up and down more times than one of those evangelical masses?) I would eat a Spam & Cheese if someone cooked it for me AND did the dishes.

Interrupted Phone Conversations

I won't even bother to expound on this. Has any mom had a complete phone conversation without screaming, pant-tugging, or suspicious crashes occurring in distant parts of the house?

All said, I wouldn't trade my inmates or situation for all the "freedom" in the world. I love my madhouse and all the insanity that comes with it and am thankful every day that these crazies are my wonderful family!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Totspot- The New Way to Shop for Kids Clothing

If you are anything like me, you have bags upon bags of clothing littering your attic that your children have outgrown. Most of these items were worn a handful of times before your little ones had a growth spurt or declared shirts with buttons more evil than the "loading" bee on the PBS Kids app. Some pieces of clothing have never even seen the light of day, forgotten or misplaced in the day to day duties of well, living.

I have tried consigning clothing in the past- dragging it to the store, having someone appraise and accept/deny it, then waiting for it to sell, and lastly coming back to the store to pick up your money. I am exhausted just writing about it! There has to be an easier way, right? Preferably one where I don't have to leave my couch, can watch SATC and eat Cantina chips and guacamole while shopping? If this sounds like your situation, put down the guac and head to Totspot now.

Totspot is a mobile shopping app that allows moms to buy and sell gently used clothing to each other. No trips to the store. No sifting through endless racks of overpriced goods. It is incredibly easy to get shopping:

Totspot App- Easy to personalize with your kids info

  • Download the app for FREE to your iPhone, iPad or iTouch.
  • Create profiles for your children with their gender, brand preference and size.
  • Shop.
How about selling?
  • Snap a few photos of your item.
  • Type details in pre-populated fields. 
  • Set your price and shipping.
  • Sell!

Totspot App: The New Way to Sell Kids Clothing

I posted these adorable baby shoes that Charlotte only wore in photos- it took me two minutes to get my item listed.

Holiday Shopping

Here's a thought- avoid the crazy holiday shopping crowds and do your shopping from your phone! Pick a pretty dress during pre-school pick-up, grab a great coat during gymnastics class, use those extra minutes to find gorgeous outfits at a great price for the holidays.

I bought Charlotte this absolutely adorable coat with matching hat for the upcoming party season. I usually get nervous about buying kids clothes online, but I was able to message the seller and ask her how it fit her daughter. She so kindly took a photo of her daughter wearing it so I would know how it would fit my little one. This was a steal at $10, and (I may be biased) but I think it looks smashing on her!

Totspot App: The New Way to Shop for Kids Clothing

My Totspot find: Winter coat and hat for $10!

Make sure to follow Totspot on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for updates and promotions!
Want to give Totspot a try? Claim the $2 gift card with my personalized invitation code when you are signing up, TVCLMY.

Keep me updated on your favorite finds for the holiday season, I would love to see photos!!

Disclosure: I was compensated for reviewing the app, but all opinions are honest and my own, as always.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Random Deals- Winter Prep

One of the many sites I hit up is Brad's Deals- he lists all of these crazy cheap sales on random things- sometimes it is a Dutch Oven, others it is an NFL Pumpkin Carving Kit. I can't visit this site too often, though, because I will all of the sudden need those adult footie pjs for $12! (I mean come on, I will wear them every night, right?)

I allowed myself 15 minutes this morning while the kids were otherwise entertained to cruise the site, and here is a roundup of the best deals.

My winter coat is an off-white belted puffer, and I adore it. Although yes, it does need to be spot cleaned every week or so, it is worth not being lost in a sea of black wool pea coats! Check out this steal of a deal on Last Call:

Random Deals: Winter Prep- Love Token Chevron-Quilted Puffer Coat
Love Token Chevron-Quilted Puffer
This coat is normally $174, marked down to $83. When choosing a puffer coat, I say make sure to belt it in order to not look like Stay-Puff. Shipping should be free with code FREESHIP.

Next up...Sperry Top-Sider Rain Boots, perfect for this lovely weather we are having in the Midwest. Originally $55, grab them for $30.79 at Stage using code 30247.

Winter Prep- Sperry Top-Sider Rain Boots for Less
Sperry Top-Sider Nellie Rain Boots

And last but not least, handbags. Yes, winter does often require different handbags for those of us who like to swap with the seasons. Heavier fabrics, holiday clutches, bulkier bucket bags to carry scarves and mittens, it is a real thing, people. 6pm is having a blowout bag sale, with many great names for less than $40. Check out this cute clutch by Jessica Simpson. For $12.99. Free Shipping. Perfect way to keep your spirits up during the holiday party when your coworkers are getting sloppy on boxed wine.

Perfect for the holidays- Jessica Simpson Grace Clutch for $12.99!
Jessica Simpson Grace Clutch

What deals have you found lately? Please share so my credit card and I can live vicariously through you.